Number X was a odd looking creature created in the labs of the depths of Xuari as a weapon. against wet navy forces. He was used as a guard against escaping prisoners and used as a gladiator to fight endless variety of foe to test his power. The Dre'an who created him plan to one day use him to fight enemy sea navies, such as the type of ships used as surface to orbit mobile interception bases.

Number X was pitted to fight against Mol Telake, a survivor of the battle of Xuari. But X decided to spare his life in return for companionship. All X truly wants is to live wild and free in the wilderness with some form of friend.


  • X's powers include
  • Hyper intelligence
  • An ability to speak due to multiple sentient beings being part of his DNA structure
  • Super strength
  • Sonar
  • The ability to fire a jet of super heated electronic water
  • He can change buoyancy to sink float or even walk on the sea floor.
  • He is able to heal quickly
  • Can fit through anything he can fit his head in
  • his limbs can regenerate
  • He can go 5 hours with out losing stamina
  • Can swim 65 mph
  • Is able to change body temperature at will
  • Can change color to blend in
  • Doe not easily show up on radar
  • Number X is also highly skilled in combat

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