The OTV (Odrade transport Vehicle) is a 6 wheeled ground Vehicle used by Odrade, to get troops around Urban and off road areas.

OTC 6X6 3

Overview Edit

While not being the most armored vehicle in the Odrade arsenal, what it lacks in armor it makes up for in speed and responsibility of the controls, it is a common sight on Odrade controlled planets and bases since its reliability and speed of up to 160MPH makes it a must have for getting troops to one location to another in none combat areas, the vehicle can carry up to 8 personnel (4 in the inside of the vehicle and another 4 on the back)

The vehicle has the ability to go off-road which it can do with ease and without fault of breaking down or getting jammed up with mud, although this vehicle is mainly seen in the hands of Odrade, This Vehicle has been sold to Merc groups all across the galaxy because of its reliability and speed outside of combar zones

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