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The Odrade SMG is a anti-personnel fully automatic particle SMG used by Odrade mercs aswell as other factions which have managed to get there hands on this weapon.

Description Edit

The Odrade SMG is an rapid fire particle accelerating energy sub machine gun developed by Odrade industry's which are know for there reliable and effective weaponry, with almost unlimited ammo, short barrel and comfy ergonomics this makes this weapon an ideal choice for close quarter combat operations, in almost any conditions.

This weapons battery has enough charge to last entire missions meaning that carrying around extra magazines no longer a problem, but this comes with its downsides, The Odrade SMG, is prone to overheating after thirty-five successive shots which can happen quite frequently because of this weapons high rate of fire, if this weapon overheats the best cause of action is to remove the battery which is located at the bottom of the weapon and vent the barrel, via activating the weapons built in coolant system, this is a lengthy process but if this isnt done the user can risk heavily damaging/destroying the weapon so most trained forces tend to fire the weapon in short bursts and waiting for the weapon to automatically cool down.

Pros Edit

  • High damage output
  • High rate of fire
  • Almost unlimited ammo
  • Great for CQB
  • Comfy ergonomics

Cons Edit

  • Can easily overheat
  • Lengthy cooldown process
  • Slow travel time
  • Bad accuracy

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