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Battle of Eafth Delegation on Gaeto
Black egale base

The Chat's data outpost, which would fall victim to the assault.

After the Battle of Eafth, Operation Black Eagle was an attack launched by Karl with the goal of stealing valuable intel from the Chat Empire from a secret snow base on EafthCommander Heathcliff also got involved when he received intelligence that Vidmas7er might be held there.

Approaching the BaseEdit

With information given by Wilc0, Karl moved his Shadow-class Banshee near the base and activated its cloaking devices, appearing as a bird on the radar. Karl ordered Jess and her four remaining Delta SEALS into a Pelican, since DMR and Ultra Force were still recovering from their battle wounds. Karl also ordered Blue to help Jess in any way she needed. While this was being done, Heathcliff and his team where
Pelican black egale

Jess's pelican heading towards the base.

readying to drop into the base and free Vid. Their plan called for his three person team, consisting of SinonAndare, and himself to sneak in to the base, locate Vid, and leave before the Chat knew what hit them. Departing from The Hecate, the trio landed outside the base undetected. Heathcliff also brought a present with him, an AI called Ral, who would help Heathcliff get by any Chat security doors. Moving slowly and carefully, they where able to sneak into the base without alerting the Chat. Once inside, they blew a whole in the base to reveal an elevator shaft, which the team promptly used to enter the base. However, the Chat now knew something was up and began mobilizing teams to investigate what exactly was going on.
Snow patrol

A chat patrol going around the base.

Meanwhile, Jess and her four SEALS, Mike, Trent, Stephens, and Blake got off their pelican and also started heading towards the base. Lacking the cloaking devices of Heathcliff, the team was forced to move slowly towards the base, and hope they would stay off the Chat's heat monitors. However, their radars soon picked up an enemy patrol approaching them. Thinking fast, Jess ordered her soldiers into a nearby maintenance tunnel that Blake found, which would take them into the base, though they had no idea where it would exactly take them. Once inside, Blue realized they were on the wrong floor; the main computer hard drives located on the sub 39th floor of the complex and the team was currently located on the 12th floor. Blue told Jess that on the 10th floor was the main power supply, which would allow the team to move through out the base with the enemies electronics down. Jess had them split into two teams, with Mike and Stephens in one team, with Jess, Blake, and Trent in another. Mike and Stephens were ordered to turn the bases power off, while the other three would find a way down to the 39th floor.


Mike and Stephens made their way towards the main power grid in the base, packing explosives to destroy it. Once they got near the door entrance, Mike realized that the door had very good security measures, including a key pad and IRIS scanner. Know that even if he could unlock the code of the key pad he would still have to get past the scanner, he ordered Stephens to go get the eye of an officer so they could get into the room. After a short walk, Stephens came upon a female officer and two chat soldiers making small talk in a conference room. Thinking quickly, Stephens bodied up against the door as the troops opened it. As soon as the door opened, Stephens used his body weight to hit the first soldier with it, knock him out. He quickly punched the officer before disarming the other soldier. He then kicked out one of his legs before snapping his neck. With both guards out, Stephens walked back over to the dazed officer and punched her again, knocking her out. Stephens drew out his knife, realizing he was about to cut out her eye.

Chat patrol

Chat soldiers on patrol, looking for enemy tangos.

Mike, in the mean time, was trying to crack the passcode while trying not to get caught. After a few minutes, Mike was finally able to get past the first security hurdle, though Mike still needed Stephens to come back with an eyeball to use. Growing inpatient, Mike radioed Stephens, who told him he was on his way. However, Mike got irritated when he say that Stephens had brought entire body, not just an eyeball. This resulted in a short argument that was soon broken up when Jess asked the two what was taking so long. The two now worked quickly to get her eyeball scanned and were soon in the power room. However, at that instance, a Chat Trooper walked by and Mike was forced to take him down. Realizing they were now compromised, Stephens quickly turned off the power as more Chat soldiers approached. Mike radioed Jess, telling her the power was off but they had been compromised. Though Jess wanted to regroup, Mike said that they were going to destroy the Chat's communications relay, preventing the Chat from getting outside help. Jess, knowing she still needed to grab the intel, gave them the go ahead. With the red flood lights coming on, Jess, Trent, and Blake continued to move towards their objective. 

Grabbing the IntelEdit

Wall charge

The floor was prepped with explosives as they prepared to get the drop on the Chat.

With the power offline, Jess and her team were able to get through a security door by opening it before the back up power kicked in. Though Jess could not shake the thoughts that she would never see Mike or Stephens again, she knew she needed to make sure Trent and Blake did. They were under her direct supervision, and their deaths would mean she had failed to protect their lives at all costs. Making their way all the way down to the sub 38th floor without getting noticed, Jess ordered her team to stop so she could discuss the next plan of action with Karl. Calling him in, Blue answered instead, and told the team that the place was crawling with enemies. Blue also told Jess that once the intel was secured, they were to move ahead with their plan B. Though Jess at first was apprehensive, she ultimately realized it was for the better in the long run. Jess then turned to Trent and Blake, and told them to get ready to breach the room, from above.

Chat server room

Vast amounts of intelligence about the Chat was kept in here.

Back on board the banshee, DMR and Karl were making small talk while supervising Jess's mission. Karl dropped a bomb shell, telling DMR that he was the mastermind behind the New Naboo slaughter that had left DMR's entire family dead. DMR rushed Karl and began chocking him. Though Blue went to stop him, Karl ordered her to stand down and focus on the mission at hand. Though it wasn't easy, Karl was able to calm down DMR by telling him that once this war was over, he would do whatever it took to help him find inner peace. Hoping to change to subject for the moment, DMR asked Karl why Heathcliff was mad at the Empire, and not the Chat Nation; to which Karl said it was because they gave Knightmare power without knowing what he had done to Heathcliff's sister. Before they could go into more detail though, word came through that the team had been compromised. Demanding to go down and help, Karl said it would be suicide to DMR in his current condition. Karl had Blue tell Jess the situation in the hard drive room and that the Chat was preparing for a fight. 

The First to fallEdit

Mike and Stephens ran into heavy resistance as they made their way towards the communications array. By the time they had reached the floor which the array was located on, they were both badly injured. After running up six floors, Mike has been rifle butted, his bio-foam can was out, and his shielding unit was completely destroyed; Stephens was also out of bio-foam but while his shielding unit was still working, he was bleeding from two laser wounds on his upper leg. After fighting through many soldiers, they finally made it to the sixth floor. Breaching the room, three Shock Troopers engaged the two, injuring Stephens in the chest and throat. Bleeding out on the ground, Mike tired to help him but Stephens told him to go on and plant the explosives. Stephens gave Mike all his extra ammo and provided cover fire as Mike made a break for the communications room. Just before he made it though, one of the shock troopers disarmed him and the two engaged with eachother their fists. Keeping his distance, Mike was forced to improvise and use his combat knife as a throwing knife. However, he only hit the trooper with the handle, though he did stun him. Using this to his advantage, Mike proceed to tackle the trooper through a glass window and stabbed him with a glass shard. Getting back up, he radioed Stephens, who was taking heavy fire from Chat soldiers who had been following the trail of bodies. Once all the explosives were set, Mike called back Stephens, he only get a word in before he was gun downed. Mike, bleeding, stood back up and waited for more soldiers to get closer. A smile went across his face has he pressed the trigger, killing five chat soldiers as the fireball destroyed the coms array. 

Mike's last smile

Mike knew he was going to die, he thought he might as well bring others along.


The charges went off and the three SEALS entered the room. Tossing shock grenades at the troops, the Chat defenders never stood a chance as they were stunned and mopped up. Blake and Trent set up a defensive ring as Jess inserted the chip to begin the download. Realizing it was going to take sometime, Jess ordered Blake to start setting up for plan B, destroying the data room. Karl not only wanted to hurt the Chat by destroying their intel, he also did not want Heathcliff to be able to also retrieve any of it. As Chat soldiers poured in the
Delta SEAL base attack

Trent making one finale stand against the Chat.

room, the SEALs kept on getting pushed closer and closer together, until the three will literally on top of each other. Trent was the first to die when his gun run out of ammo, making a clicking sound as a shock trooper lit him up. Realizing Blake was the only SEAL left, Jess was more determined then ever to come out with at least one alive. As Blake set up the last charge, a shock trooper was able to close in on him and take a shot with his Moseberg 750. However, Jess was able to knock down Blake just before he was shot; Jess then proceeded to empty her entire M9H into the trooper. The two got up and ran back towards the chip, which had downloaded all the data; but the shotgun blast had damage the wireless trigger on the explosives. Knowing that someone would have to stay behind to ensure the explosives went off, Jess offered only to have Blake step in to interject. Jess argued that as team leader, it was not only her job, but it was also her call. Blake, however, took the detonator from her, telling her that the Team[1]would need her a lot more then they needed him; he also added that they were his explosives. Realizing Blake was not going to budge, Jess then ordered him to hand over his dog tags, but Blake once again said no, sighting she did not have anyone else from the mission. Blake did not want to leave his brothers behind, he wanted to be with them, even in death. Jess, with a tear running down her eye, took the chip and proceeded to fight her way out of them room and towards the evac point. Just has she left the room, Blake pressed the trigger, saying "...Plan B is always our Plan A." Jess exited the base through a maintenance tunnel and was picked up by a LAGS/U and was brought back to the banshee. Has Karl approached her, Jess threw the chip at Karl, telling him that it better be worth their lives before going back to her room.
Data chip

Karl holding the data chip in his hand.


Karl, now having the data he wanted so badly, ordered Blue to sent a course to Gaeto. He knew he would need help if he was ever going to have a chance of defeating the Chat, which meant he would have to find other groups who also hated the Chat. The banshee made a slip space jump as soon as it left Eafth's atmosphere, being careful to avoid the raging space battle still going on. 
Blue and karl

Blue and Karl on the banshee's bridge.

Jess went back to her room and broke down. The failure to bring any of her men back alive was hard on her, but adding the fact she only had four sets of dog tags meant she could not give a proper burial to all of them. She grabbed a metal box from underneath her cot and opened it, and put the four dog tags in with the other ones she had collected since Yoth. Jess then put the box away and laid down on her bed, trying to put the whole day behind her. While on her bed, she heard a knock on her door, it was DMR checking in on her. Jess let him in and they had a short discussion. Jess was still visibility shaken from all of the days events, and DMR tried to reassure her that she was still a good leader. Jess though did not want to hear, telling DMR that body counts meant nothing if her soldiers were still dead at the end of the day. DMR told her that she could not possibly save everyone, and that she needed to try to only worry about the ones she could save. Jess, looking him in the eye, said that everyone had a chance has long as she tried. She then asked if DMR could still trust her, to which DMR replied with a delayed "yes". Knowing that she would rebound on her own, he hugged Jess and left the room, telling her that even after everything that happened today, no one doubted her ability to save the lives of those around her. 

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