Blake's personal modified P80 Cobra

The P80 Cobra is the go to weapon when Savior Team needs to infiltrate a compound.

Specifications Edit

Manufacturer: Civilian Militia/Cheytac

Semiautomatic or automatic

Fully ambidextrous

Range: 300 meters

Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s (2,723 ft/s)

Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute

Magazine size: 50 Reply rounds

Attachments Edit

The P80 Cobra can accept many different attachments which include but are not limited to: suppressor, flashlight, laser sight, flamethrower, flash hider, grenade launcher, sling, bipod, hybrid sight, variable zoom scope, longer barrel.

Pros Edit

  • Low recoil
  • Large magazine
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High muzzle velocity
  • Versatile

Cons Edit

  • Low damage per shot
  • Lengthy reload process
  • Loud firing mechanism, but it can be silenced for a range and muzzle velocity reduction.

Gallery Edit

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