Metropolitian beach

A portion of Paradiso, New Eden.

Paradiso is the easternmost city on the New Eden tactical asteroid and was a location of a pivotal battle during the New Eden Crisis.

Backround Edit

Paradiso was founded by Kig-yar traders in 2554. The tropical climate and bustling economy attracted migrants by the thousands forcing the initiation of numerous construction projects across the city. The city has a vibrant downtown where local merchants often scream over each other to get the attention of those who pass by and scenic beaches next to a beautiful, clear, eastern sea.

Paradiso is also the closest city to the New Eden Power Core and has the largest and most intricate underground tunnels and syndicates feared across the galaxy.

First Battle of Paradiso Edit

An invasion force approached the city underwater and emerged to massacre beach goers in the afternoon on July 8th. The invasion force was able to make impressive gains during the first day but they were stalemated on the second. By the third day, the Kig-Yar military and civilian volunteers had mobilized to drive the force out. Unfortunately, the terrorists burned the city behind them as they retreated to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Many civilians survived the fire by swimming into the nearby ocean. Firefighters worked all through the night and the next day but only 20% of the city was saved.

Siege of Paradiso Edit

Sometime in 2670, the Chat laid siege to Paradiso, New Eden and bombarded the city with artillery.

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