Plasma shot 1

A Plasma Round fired from a Plasma Rifle.

Plasma is a special type of ammunition used by many of the weapons by the Chat Empire, Resistance and New Galactic Republic

Ranged WeaponryEdit

Plasma is used in all Blaster weapons to great effect, causing 4th-Degree burns on impact and 3rd-Degree burns on near misses or if the target is wearing heat-resistant body armor, such as Mark IV Mandalorian Combat Armor or the Trollvenant Zealot Harness/Stealth Variant; if their shielding untis are down. Plasma is great for depleting shields but lacks the stopping power of ballasitic based weapons against flesh. This means combat armors with heat resistant plating can absorb some of the plama's heat, rather then just punching right through it.


Melee WeaponryEdit

Plasma is also used by many Melee weapons, such as the Type-1337 Energy Weapon/Sword and a similar energy is used in the Laser Cutlass

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