Plasma anti conductive material blaster, or, p.a.c.m.b.

The P.A.C.M.B.

A modified plasma blaster created by Lord of the STARS.


The P.C.A.M.B. has significant recoil but to compensate, it has a foregrip. Head gear is required when using this weapon, since it links up to the users HUD when in use. The plasma rounds fired by the rifle also have a slight tracking ability, though it will only do so if it is close to a target. It fires highly charged plasma bolts that can melt through both bodyarmor and skin. It will cause third degree burns upon contact with skin. This weapon is fully automatic but if the user wishes to maintain better accuracy with the weapon, they will need to fire in bursts.


  • Syncronizes with the users HUD to improve performance
    • Displays current amount of heat buildup
    • Improves accuracy with a tracker reticule
    • Displays curvature of projectiles when they track
  • Projectiles have a slight tracking ability
  • Melts armor
  • Very effective for suppressive fire


  • High recoil
  • Heavy
  • Increasing the heat of plasma projectiles decreases their effectiveness against shields
  • Very difficult to use if the user lacks HUD-compatible headgear

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