Laser chain gun

The PHMG is a devastating support weapon.

The Portable Heavy Machine Gun is a hand held chain gun used by both the Chat Armed Forces and the Galactic Republic Troops.


Weighting in at 45 pounds while fully loaded, its weight, cost, and training required make it impossible to be used as a standard infantry weapon. Instead, this weapon is given to select soldiers who act as support for their squads, laying down a deadly line of super heated plasma. The PHMG can fire over 3,000 rounds in a minute, and can fire for a full 40 seconds before it needs to be reloaded. Unlike other Heavy Machine guns, the PHMG fires ion rounds that individually have a very weak EMP, but sustained fire can drain shields. It also has six barrels to prevent over heating, though continuous fire decreases its overall accuracy. This is the preferred weapon of the Republic Shock Troops, who field this weapon when supporting their assault-class counterparts. Modified versions have also been seen in the hands of Mandalorian Paladins and others are sold as trophies to collectors.

Pros Edit

  • Very high rate of fire
  • Plasma does more damage to shields than the M250 Squad Support Weapon
  • Ion rounds deplete shields and overheat other weapons

Cons Edit

  • Long reloading time
  • Takes up space in transport
  • Very bulky
  • Very inaccurate
  • Less damage to armor than the M250 Squad Support Weapon
Shock hmg

A Shock Trooper readying his PHMG.

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