Commandship Home One

The Pride of the Executioner.

The Pride of the Executioner was the name of the Carrier seen during the skirmish over Drullkus's 5TARGAT3.  


The ship, originally a peacetime Chat supply vessel, was captured and looted by Pirates.  It was brought back to the Raptor Pirates headquarters where it received a major overhaul, until it had substantial armoring and weaponry. It then became the flagship in the domestic Raptor Pirates fleet, where it kept the Resistance, the Republic and the Chat at bay for months.

After encountering Drullkus's operation in the sector, the ship took control of her fleet and readied them to attack. Just before this however, several Republic/Resistance ships appeared in the area to investigate the strange installation being constructed. The Resistance ships defended the installation from the pirate attack, until an offensive was launched directly at the fleeing carrier. After resulting to suicide bombing the installation with Frigates, the pirates issued a retreat. Before they could evacuate the area however, boarding parties landed in the carrier and eventually took control of her. With her crew executed or captured, the carrier became part of the Resistances fleet.

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