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Prisoner 0013

Are you diseased? For I am the cure.
— The Prisoner to a Chat Trooper.

"Prisoner 0013" was a prisoner on the Chat Ship Ravager, and a member of the Brotherhood of Lenimentum, an ancient group with unknown origins. Like the rest of the Brotherhood, he believed that war is an evil disease and devoted his life to killing all those who engage in violence, and wore a cloak and mask similar to a medieval Plague Doctor from the Milky Way Galaxy. His name and even species are unknown because he never removes his mask, but he appears to have a human shape.

History Edit

He is a member of the Brotherhood of Lenimentum and has been in it as long as it has existed, thousands of years ago.

At some point before 2558, he was captured by Chat Troopers after he assasinated a Chat Moderator. He was stripped of his weapons, but the Chat oddly allowed him to keep his cloak. He was sent to a prison on Gaeto, but was being transferred to Eafth on the Ravager when it was requested to help evacuate civilians form the SS Arno, which was being attacked by Xenomorphs. Lord of the Stars was captured by Denal Wedge during the evacuation, and sent to a cell next to Prisoner 0013. The Prisoner intially planned to kill Stars after learnig he was a Pirate, but he rethought and deemed Stars stupid, and realized Stars could help him escape.

The Prisoner and Stars decided to escape together. However, Prisoner 0013 got annoyed with Stars, who took everything he said literally, for example, when the prisoner said "We need to get those Rats, the Diseased Ones, to open the door" (Referring to Chat Troopers) Stars replied: " Hmm... maybe we can train one to steal a key! I will offer it cheese, but I don't see why we must use sick ones, well ones will work just as well..." Eventually, the two hatched their escape plan and tricked the guards into opening their cell doors. The Prisoner killed the proceeded to kill the guards using a machete made from metal lunch trays, including Wedge.

He escaped with Stars to New Eden, where he saw many pirates. 0013 decided all life on the asteroid would have to be wiped out. He stole a SERIN gas bomb that the Black Fang had been used during the Crises on New Eden, before going dormant in the back of an alley way in the dark underground tunnels. He has laid there since, as if dead. Really, he is biding his time to strike.

Personality Edit

The prisoner was spoke in deep monotone and displayed little emotion, but he was clearly very devoted to the Brotherhood of Lenimentum's cause. He spoke in metaphores alot as well. However, he was eventually annoyed by Stars.

Stars noted that he could not see anything but darkness underneath his mask's eye sockets.


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