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Pterodactyls are the speedy insertion dropships used by the dinosaurs of the First Fleet of Righteous Warriors. They are also sometimes used by The Resistance when they need to get in and out of a combat zone in a hurry. 


The Pterodactyl Dropship.


Pterodactyls are suited for speed rather than strength, as are most vehicles in the dinosaur fleet. They can reach speeds of up to Mach 3.5, though they are harder to control the faster they are traveling.


Pterodactyls are equipped with two nose turrets; a chain gun that fires up to 2,500 rounds per minute and a plasma torpedo launcher.

The armor of the dropship is scant, as it is built for outrunning and outmaneuvering other dropships, not fighting them, and can only withstand about half the firepower that other dropships can. Shield generators can be installed, but this reduces the troop transport capacity by several troops in order to make room for the device.


  • The Pterodactyls are powerful enough to carry a Tyrannosaur Landmaster tank at top speed.
  • The dropships have been known to accelerate to top speed in seven seconds.

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