"A Ptranosaurian who accepts their mission has accepted their fate". ~the way of the Ptranosaurian people.


Ptranosaurians are a reptilian race who rule their entire native galaxy. They have come to the story line galaxy with intentions that have been questioned since arrival.


The beginning of the Ptranosaurian race started long long long ago on their home planet Kor'shei'Rah'Dong. In those days a genius of the saurian class was beginning to split off into 2 evolutionary paths, the first on the path to avian descendants and bird like animals, the second unto dinosaurs crocodiles, snakes, and other such reptiles. But the species from which they had descended was a mix between both, and has remained the dominant predator. In time they began to become their own genius of saurian life forms, some with feathers, some with scales, some with both.

Early HistoryEdit

Millions of years latter the dinosaurs the birds and the common ancestor had become a well thriving and ruling type in the world. But the beginning of the age of mammals would soon bring mass extinction. Mammals at first lived at the bottom of the food chain, surviving by hiding, and the ones that hid the best where of the tree dwelling clans. As mammals evolved some began to become large and or powerful enough to compete with the other terrain champions.

This at first made the ecosystem even healthier, and the biosphere thrived. But then the tree dwelling mammals began unto the age of primates, and from them would evolve an ape like creature that had soon discovered fire, and made primitive weapons. They grew into a culture of big game hunters, rising to the top of the food chain. This species of ape like creature was known as the Uvoai-vokan. As the decades went by the Uvoai-vokan hunting for sport has caused many other kinds of mammal, many kinds of dinosaurian, and many other animal types to go extinct.

As time went by the Uvoai'vokan had developed agriculture, and built walled cities, and began working with copper and tin and iron. Some of the animals they had tamed, and they had growing fields of crops. At this time the common ancestor of avian and dinosaurian had still been a diverse type. They could fly, they evolved ways of breathing fire, and for animals they where smart, much like a chimpanzee or a dolphin of real world earth was smart. And they where strong, and had little fear. It was because of this the Uvoai-vokan had favored them in hunting for sport, to prove their might, and to make a name for them self.

After 340 years of being hunted for sport the common ancestor of avian and dinosaurian had its population plummet, they where near extinction, and the Uvoai-vokan where in the height of the glory of the iron age. Having developed weapons such as cross bows and catapults, full armor and castles.

At this point only 2 species remained of the direct descendants of the common ancestors of dinosaurian and avian. They had however completed a delay in their evolutionary spike, and had became sentient. And they where so closely related to one another that they could breed with the other species and their offspring can continue a line of decedents still. The age of the Ptranosaurians had began.

The 2 and new 3rd of these new sentient creatures had retained over a thousand years of memory of their time as animals being hunted for sport by the Uvoai-vokan. Then came another party of poachers to hunt them, not knowing what they are up againced. As they came, their new mortal enemy laid ambush for them, with over whelming strength and tactics, they had massacred the Uvoai-vokan hunters, with out receiving one scratch from them in battle. Only one escaped to tell the horrendous tail, traumatized, humbled, and afraid.

The next 300 years where followed by a war of extermination between the Ptranosaurians and the Uvoai-vokan. The Ptranosaurians where out numbered, had the lower technology, but they where driven by pure hatred.

The Uvoai'vokan priests where besieged to explain what had caused this apocalypse, they had believed that the Ptranosaurians where a product of demonic influence, forged as a weapon againced civilization, spewing hell at their victims and conquering cities to them occupy to spawn more wicked offspring. They had ordained a legion of holly warriors to combat this new threat. The war brought much blood shed on 2 sides, but at the end of the 2 way genocide, the Uvoai'vokan have faced extinction. The Ptranosaurians have since never recovered physiologically, unknowingly passing on PTSD through their evolutionary inheritance.

Space FairingEdit

After the extinction of the ape like Uvoi'vokan the Ptranosaurians, now of full hybrid descendent ethnics of the 2 original species, had mixed feelings about their victory. On one hand they wanted to celebrate that their wicked enemy who had killed so many of their kind where no more, but on the other hand they wanted to feel awful that they had caused the extinction of another living thing, many where haunted by the thought that it could have meant they became what they hated. None the less, they moved on.

As time went their technology had risen. Their culture changed. Most wars where only skirmishes, yet through this had developed weapons used to shoot each other down having already the natural ability to fly. Weapons farther a range then they can spit a fire ball. This lead to the age of guns.

Through the prehistory and the entire future history of the ptranosaurians 80% of their culture has always been centered around romantics. Not once has their ever been divorce because their nature is like that of a swan, staying with their lover forever. By bonding instinct unlike real world humans who can take it if one who is wed loses their spouse, they cannot find the will to live with out the other. Whordoms and affairs being a concept their xenophicological design does not comprehend. With weddings came the celebrations, with birthdays more celebrations, this lead to feasting which led to farming which caused civilization to expand. Wars eventually broke out over who controlled farm lands.

The religious believes of the Ptranosaurians began with the simple belief that the gods of the Uvoi'vokan must have been false, for they could not protect them. The curiosity to know who the true gods or god is lead to many looking to the stars. But knowing they cannot fly into space caused many to continue to try to invent.

After the post industrial era which was invented to prevent any from turning to slavery, came the age of planes. Planes where made to increase flight speed, and carry cargo, but they where not powerful enough to get them into space. In the end rocket power eventually got the first astronauts into space, however they died minuets latter ill prepared for the vacuum.

Mean while in research to find a new powersorce for factories, prototype space travel. and home electricity, a lab accident has caused the splitting of an atom, the world believed it was a terrorist weapon, sparking the dawn of world war one not counting the war with the old sentient of the world.

The war lasted 8 years but in the end the planet was under the control of a single king of the country that was victorious. His genius propelled the space program to then take to space, where the first ships began to explore their star system and try to find god, to know who he is.

Galactic ConquestEdit

Combining the atomic age with the space age ships searched and studied the home system. Then began the exploration of the nearest star. In the system of that star was found a planet with life. The native sentient race was a amphibious species, colonizing both land and sea of their home world. They where post industrial, friendly, they welcomed the Ptranosaurians with open arms. This began a new age with trade with their new allies, ships from the Ptranosaurian world would come to and from this planet bringing and receiving gifts. But with only atomic powered starships a journey as such took 80 years, and the natives did not have the cellular immortality of their new friends who could simply pack food and wait to arrive. To solve this scientists of both parties invented slip space.

Still, these people where no gods, they continued to search.

The next system they had found wasn't so welcoming, when they had encountered them the natives opened fire on the Ptranosaurians on sight, who where confused as they expected to be greeted with the same friendliness as before. In retaliation they sent a naval star fleet, The natives of this system had more sophisticated weapons, but the Ptranosaurians had the better ships. It was a bloody victory but the planet was conquered, at first these natives thought they would face extinction, but the Ptranosaurians with their allies insured them they only wished to keep them from having a hostile welcoming should a less forgiving race be the ones to encounter them. Unexpectedly, they where prospered instead, the Ptranosaurians even paid for all the damages they had caused.

As they had continued to explore the galaxy they had encountered other races, each one united either by trade or by force depending on if the explorers where ill treated on arrival of their home world.

Then came the rule of a new king who had figured, why bother uniting others willingly, and under him uniting others became a way by war. At this point they had so many victories many believed they had finally found out who the gods are, many began to believe, they are the gods.

This belief came to a end when they had faced a rival empire and had faced a humiliating defeat. Their current king was killed in battle and they where reminded of their mortality.

However they only had that kings son reign after him, and after another match, they conquered their rivals.

But fortunately this king was wiser, and under his decree, and the decree of the governors and the people, it was declared that the empire must never tolerate being ruled by such a tyrant as his father ever again. And with him the entire galaxy was now under Ptranosaurian command. Wars had rules, it was expected to fight fair, evenly matched, and in certain locations away from civilians.

A Utopia is made in vainEdit

All was going well, and the galaxy had learned to love the ptranosaurians as they allowed the people to have plenty of their desires granted. Every one was granted the right to a military that they may protect their homes if the empire faces conflict. But eventually the perfect paradise they shaped their galaxy into, their power over the galaxy eventually began to corrupt them.

The history section is timed out, need room for the other sections.


Ptranosaurian culture is mostly about honoring their people. For entertainment they have operas. Most operas are romantic stories, others are based on battle or exploration.

Everything they build has an artistic design in mind. Having an eye for beauty they try to make things as neat as possible. Where ever they go the spread of flowers goes with them, as flowering plants have many uses as beauty and as medicine.


Ptranosaurian language is divided in half, 80 to 85% of the time they speak the language of the extinct Uvoai-vokan, which is easily pronounced by human vocal cords with practice, but during quick time events they speak 80 to 85% post sentient remnants of their prehistoric language, which is near impossible for humans to pronounce other then skilled sound mimickers, but easier to pronounce to sangheili and Kig-yar. This is because their more simplified language is easier for them to control the volume of from micro whispers to glass shatteringly loud, and is able to be spoken by them with a much quicker rate of speech speed. Ptranosaurians can also learn other languages faster then even unggoy can, and have a wide verity of pronouncability, are even almost able to pronounce languages as complex as the sirens language.

Anatomy and PhysiologyEdit

Ptranosaurians are bipedal sharing a very similar standing posture to that seen in Theropoda. They have scaly skin thick enough to with stand buck shot and small caliber bullets with little more then a welt. Their arms have 3 clawed fingers they can use just as effectively as a humans 5 fingered hands, and their feet have identical hands. On average they stand about 15 feet tall, and have hollow bones, strong as bronze bars but light weight. They have a large wing span and are capable of flying at speeds of up to 245mph, though the females only about 217mph due to a simple lack of a arrow dynamic crest that only the males have. Females also have lighter coloration but are about the same size. Ptranosaurians also have a organ near their stomach liver and repertory that catches gasses such as methane. In fact Ptranosaurians are also capable of drinking a bunch of alcohol with out getting drunk because it would simply be taken in as well. When this organ is full literally the only way to empty it is to spew it from the mouth, during this prosses the gas will burst into flams 2 and a half times the melting point of iron. So long as they have the gas they are quite capable of doing this on purpose.

Ptranosaurians have eye sight on par with a hawk, hearing on par with a bat, and smelling on par with a Kig-yar. For stability when flying their tail has a retractable fan made of bladed bony shell. If a ptranosaurian where to have a arm leg or tail cut off if they don't bleed out then either of the 3 will regrow in 3 months with out a scar. Ptranosaurians have sharp teeth designed to slice through meat as they are carnivore, while also swallowing gravel to help it digest. Ptranosaurian teeth are hollow. A par of Ptranosaurians male and female who have bonded as mates will stay together forever. Their faithfulness to never cheat on their mate is however not as much due to their morality as it is their biology. After the pare bond with each other as mates any sexual thoughts are wired in their brain to be associated with their partner, much the same instinct as drives animals to migrate to the same location ever year, due to this for example the male simply cannot lust after another female even if he is presistant.

When reproducing a female can lay up to 12 eggs each one when hatched will produce a offspring no bigger then a ferret. After this females do not come into heat again for another 7 years. After 22 years a young Ptranosaurian has reached their early teen age stage. At the age of 31 years they are in their late teen stage, and they do not age past this because they have a cellular immortality, meaning their isn't enough cellular discrepancy in them to ever age out enough to die from being old, but though they never grow old and can regenerate like all living things they can be killed. Hatchlings do not have the ability to breath fire until they hit puberty, and what gender they hatch as depends on the temperature of their incubation. If their is a mated pare of Ptranosaurians and one of them dies, they are not able to simply get over it. They cannot find the will to live with out the other, and if the death is caused by something killing them, the other is driven to fight to the death in attempt to kill what ever killed their mate. Psychologically it is impossible to get information from a Ptranosaurian by torturing them, not because of the strength of their will, but because it only triggers their fight or flight instinct, and their instinct recognizes it as "I am cornered" and they appear to only get angry.

Genetic DiversityEdit

Ptranosaurians all have the same basic traits, males have heavier color while females have darker color, males have crest while females don't, all are theropodal (2 legged) all begin their fire breathing ability at puberty, natural cellular immortality, able to breed with each other. But they have a wide verity of personal traits, ethnics and skin colors. Coloration verities from rust, green, black, blue, but always in a way that provides camo and males having heavier color. Most have tough scaly skin but rarely when on planets of higher gravity some Ptranosaurians grow light flame resistant plumage. None the less dispite the genetic diversity caused by galactic colonization adapting all are compatible to breed. The distinction seems endless, but all reach the same size at adulthood.

Intergalactic conquestEdit

Some time in the time line of our galaxy 2 diplomats where sent in to test the native powers if they where worthy of self government or if they where ripe for conquest, as the Ptranosaurians ready to expand their empire yet again had gone intergalactic.

After the Chat and the NGR gladly excepted their chances with a intergalactic war with open arms they where given over a decade to count down when the invasion will arrive, as traveling from one galaxy to another takes a long long time.

But as Gaeto had been taken down by a chat proxy and was no longer fit to invade the first "very small fleet" of what the Ptranosaurians had arrived at Eafth to demonstrate their power. With superior technology a single ship laughed at the planets defenses claiming to not even know they where trying to resist conquest, and probably actually meaning it. After riding the planet of its supply of nuclear and non nuclear guided munitions they had taken control of the planets weather by blasting the sea to boil so the cloud would produce rain over a city they had then invaded with ground forces, although since Ptranosaurians can fly technically ground forces do not exist. Their armors oversheild was difficult to take down even with 50cal weapons and RPGs. Apon impact shots would hit a quarter sized disk of hardened flam that incinerated projectiles to the molecular level, and they shot back at chat forces with Pyro-acceleration-rifles, guided missiles, fire ball guns, and railguns that fired spikes using coil barrels and explosions with fire-batteries, and finished nicely with fire swords. In a few minuets the planet was under their control and they had looted the towns of food alcohol and water. Not a single civilian was harmed in their invasion and then the Royal Admiral of the Ptranosaurians sent a message "For now, we will spare this planet, because it is the capital of your once great empire. Our next strike will be at New Haven, evacuate your civilians before we arrive. We wish you luck on your insane attempt to resist our military might." And just as quickly as they had arrived, they left, leaving the planet to lick its wounds, allowing a proper resistance from the chat.

Military capacity Edit

Ptranosaurian ships are a great marvel, they are capable of navigating slip space in ways never thought possible, and thus are capable of using it as a short ranged teleportation while in combat to avoid unguided projectiles. Their ships are also capable of taking 3 shapes, they normally are in a very narrow rectangle formation so they can handle incredible speeds in and out of slipspace with out the shock of the velocity tarring them apart. Their second shape formation is achieved by opening up, and when they do it is reveled that their ships them selves are shaped like Ptranosaurians, with this they are able to land on a planet and walk like a kaiju, although they are yet to utilize this out of fear of killing civilians. Their final shape formation is activated when they land, their ships curl like a mother protecting her nest or like their sun basking, then holding still for the boarding doors to open. Ptranosaurian ships are capable of firing balled up weaponized slip space which their is no defense againced that home in on their target and rip ships to shreds, but because that would be a unfair advantage they choose instead to rely on the rest of their weapons, fire ball launchers, missiles, lasers, pyro-acceleration cannons (which are practical acceleration cannons mixed with hot intense flame) and railguns that use flame explosion and magnetics to fire armor piercing bullets. Their ships and their personnel use the same kind of shields, which use a hot intense flame that burn up what ever is fired at them at a molecular level, even able to burn plasma. Explosives simply burn to the point that they don't even explode. Ptranosaurian fleets are also capable of all joining their main cannon shots into one to either fire a mega blast or a mega beam. The more ships in a fleet, the more powerful an attack.

Ptranosaurian ships size from smallest to biggest.

  • Star Patrol Gunship
  • Stealth Boat
  • Mini Destroyer
  • Light Corvette
  • Destroyer
  • Heavy Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Heavy Destroyer
  • Super Frigate
  • Super Destroyer
  • Battlecruiser
  • Heavy Battlecruiser
  • Battleship
  • Carrier
  • Man O Warhip
  • Flying factory
  • Super carrier

  • Ptranosaurian Warbird
  • Ptranosaurian Royal Imperial Warbird. (The first ship encountered at Eafth.)
  • Ptranosaurian Mothership.

Any class of ship after this are only used in the most extreme times of desperate.

Ptranosaurian personnel have a over shield that can take a incredible amount of fire power before finally going down, even with out their shields their armor is capable of taking 60cal shots with out being penetrated in one hit.

Their shields are also capable of burning explosive ammo up such as grenade launcher grenades to a point that they don't even explode. A Ptranosaurians helmet gives the wearer a HUD that scans everything from the out side to the inside, every detail. On their shoulders are their chose of guided missiles, lasers to intercept missiles, and fire ball launchers. In their hands they often hold weapons such as gravity javelins, which allow them to throw a impaling spear at higher force and range then many sniper rifles can fire a bullet, this is designed to slow a enemy down before a final attack more then anything, and is 18ft long, and capable of punching through the armor of any tank or fighter plane.

Other weapons include slip space grenades, which are used to break fortifications. Pyro grenades, which are capable of setting 84ft of ground on fire for up to 15 minuets.

They have a verity of guns that launch fire balls, pyro-railguns for solid projectiles, on their left wrist is a device that can vacuum up fire to recharge batteries or intercept a fire attack, They also carry teleportation devices back to their own ships. A rocket propelled grenade launcher dubbed the black hole gun can be aimed and uses slip space so intense it opens a 5 inch black hole that can suck the skin off a victim up to 15 feet away from it. And finally they have a broadsword for close quarters with a blade made of virtually solidified flame that is very sharp, hot enough to eventually cut through a laser cutlass, and able to burn bullets at a molecular level so they don't hit the user.

All Ptranosaurian weapons when in the hands of an enemy self destruct, this is able to kill.

Ptranosaurian ranks are not well known, but it is known that their military career ends at failure. After which they will either kill them selves to regain their honor after failure, or go into retirement, depending on how serious their failure is. Some times they simply banish them selves from their empire for their failure. In combat the only expectable excuse to cease fighting a enemy is either when ordered to, when the enemy surrender, when the enemy is dead, or when they have died. If a Ptranosaurian is captured in battle it classifies as a KIA, however he can regain his honor either by suicide or by fighting to the death. If he escapes he is expected to kill who ever captured him next time he sees them. However they make them selves hippocras by capturing their enemy in battle.

A good most of Ptranosaurian technology uses something called pyro-physics. Weapons that use pyro-physics in some way shape or form use bended and willed fire that burns so hot the air around it ionizes.

Trivia =Edit

  • The Uvoi'vokan are very much like Orcs, and Ptranosaurian history with the Uvoi'vokan is based heavily on the Human Dragon war of the dark ages but with humanity becoming extinct in the end rather then dragon kind. If humans mated with forrunners, their offspring mated with brutes from halo, and their offspring mated with brutes also, the unholy results are in fact what Uvoi'vokan look like.
  • The Ptranosaurians where based heavily on dragons.
  • The Ptranosaurians are able to upload their own soul into a computer chip and put it into the brain of something lifeless, this is based on stories where dragons take on human form.
  • The word Ptranosaurian is a play on the words Ptranodon and Saurian, although not meant at all by the translation as Ptranosaurians have teeth.
  • Ptranosaurians normally keep their temper, unless you call them a coward or bring up their history with the Uvoi-vokan.
  • When a Ptranosaurian loses his/her sanity their eyes glow red as brightly as nyon, which has a demonic appearance to it. This is both based on superman's eyes becoming red when he goes insane in Injustice Gods Among Us as well as the eyes of Raptros in WAR OF THE MONSTERS. Strangely this happens even when they aren't in their own body. If this happens their own people simply put them down both to end what ever suffering had caused it and to keep them from hurting someone they shouldn't.
  • The periotic table is much different in the Ptranosaurian galaxy, however they still use platinum tokens as a form of currency.

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