Nooo, bigger!

"Is it better then a Spartan laser?"

"That's depends, what do you want to use it for?"

Development Edit

This weapon was made by a Kig-yar pirate who quite a lot favors a ship turret weapon called a "pulse laser". At first what he wanted was a laser cutter, he did not have one, then he sought to buy one, did not like anything on inventory..... So he made it him self!

Description Edit

This weapon is precise, powerful, it has a fusion reactor cooling system in it to allow it to go a long time without overheating compared to a lot of beam weapons. It fires a C.O.2 laser beam so hot that it super heats the air around it until it ionizes, making the beam visible. The beam can continue to be fired for a good 28 seconds before it over heats, stops firing, and a fail safe cooling vent then opens. Though not recommended for fighting tanks, if you keep firing the beam on the tank long enough and the tank doesn't shoot you first, the weapon can carve the cannon barrel off a tank, or the weapon can drill deep enough into its armor to shoot the crew, ammo or engine. The main flaw of this gun is it requires so much energy for it to cause enough damage to kill a well armored enemy it can only continue to fire the beam at max power for a very small number of uses before the power cells are out of energy and until recharged the weapon is now useless.

But the main advantage is its power can also be toned down, to so low a setting that it can take a entire 7 seconds to kill a entire fly, making it perfect for use as a precision cutting tool. Because it requires so much power this weapon is sometimes connected by pipe to a pack with extra power and extra cooling. A similar thing is some times done for the focus rifle.

Operation Edit

Before firing this weapon on max, let it charge, the gun will let you know when its ready to fire. When its ready, turn safety off, and pull the trigger. If you release the trigger the beam will stop.

Pros Edit

  • Highly versatile
  • Hum tells user when the weapon is overheated
  • Can be hooked up to a pipe for extra power and cooling
  • Can fire for long periods of time
  • Powerful
  • Precise

Cons Edit

  • Requires recharging frequently
  • Bulky
  • Pipes with extra power and cooling will reduce the mobility of the user
    • Said pipes also provide a target for enemies, which will explode if ignited
  • User has to wait for the weapon to charge
  • Expensive and rare
  • Hard to find replacement parts or gunsmiths who know the weapon (because it is rare)

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