Qir Zaratov was a male Sangheili Special Operations Officer who served in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He specialized in covert operations, and had one Sangheili Spec Ops Lance and one Unggoy Spec Ops Platoon under his command, although he preferred sticking with the Sangheili Lance most of the time.

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Zaratov at Aszod

History Edit

Qir Zaratov was born on the planet Sangheilios and joined the Covenant Military in 2533. He was made an Ossoona, going on high threat stealth and recon missions for the Prophets. Managing to survive several, he had proved his worth and was made a Spec Ops Officer. Like many veteran members of the Scouting Fleet, Zaratov fought in the Fall of Reach, seeing lots of action during the Battle of Aszod in particular.

Later, he was transported to the THDF Universe, where he participated in many raids and stealth missions under the leadership of Commander Xytan 'Montrumai. Zaratov also was given command of a lance of Special Operation Elites, which he used as his personal squad. He also was given command of Silent Hill Platoon, a decorated Unggoy unit lead by Ultra-Major Yozoz. However, he did not often fight beside them, often considering the Unngoy frustrating or even inferior, as was believed by many Sangheili.

Operation Safe Haven Edit

During Operation Safe Haven, an operation designed to capture a Mass


Qir Zaratov and Ultra Yozoz attending the Operation Safe Haven briefing

Communications Array on the planet New Haven, Zaratov was selected to lead a small team consisiting of himself, Talot, Yozoz, Huglot, and Chesith to the surace, while staying undercover. They would then team up with the "Peaple's Liberation Army of New Haven" (PLANH) and pursue their goal of taking the Comms Array. 

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