Quan-zer-aii-Don was the Ptranosaurian Royal Admiral who introduced the imperial fleet to the galaxy one frightful day, making a laughing stalk out of the chat military defense network of Eafth.

History: The Ptranosaurian emperor put him in charge of the conquest of the galaxy when diplomatics had failed many years before. His campaign is still young, and personality still unknown. His total military strength unknown. All that is known is he is technologically superior to us and knows how to make a mockery.

Invasion Of Galaxy HistoryEdit

His first arrival in the galaxy was at Eafth where he arrived first in his flagship a Ptranosaurian Royal Imperial Warbird. He had came to the planet and asked them immediately if they where ready to discuss their terms of surrender. But when they would not he demonstrated a tiny fraction of his fleets power taking control of the planets ground forces, then taking just as much food as his fleet needed so they can have their first meal when arriving in the galaxy to stabilize their newly formed bodies replicated around their own bones, which is their method of surviving the in slip space velocity of intergalactic travel. He then spared the planet of conquest so that the chat still having a head of command can put up a proper resistance to his conquest, enabling his enemies the chance to fight back. Civilian casualties measured 0.

Latter the resistance forces intended to lay a trap for one of his ships, but knowing it was a trap, he sent it in anyway just to see what his enemy was capable of. But the 1 ship destroyed and damaged some of the resistance ships taking no more damage then its shields being pounded down to 44% before Quan-zer-aii-don ordered it to rejoin the fleet at New Naboo after dropping off POWs captured by boarding parties.

When his fleet arrived at New Naboo it was 18 hours after warning them that he would come and demanding a full evacuation of civilians, allowing them to be ready for his arrival, using only his fleets second best weapons and not landing ground forces until orbital defense is dealt with he conquered the planet in 18 minuets 22 seconds with only 2 ships lost on his side. Civilian casualties measured 0. He then ordered cured every disease on the planet, fed the hungry, and put a end to all crime on the planet, criminal causalities measured 15% the rest of them simply locked up, he then tore down and rebuilt the cities improving them, left a portion of his fleet to guard the planet, and took the rest back to base, leaving a governor in charge. The resistance fleet then arrived in a attempt to liberate the planet, with no faith that they would survive, they went in to try anyway.



In Time the resistance to Ptranosaurian conquest realized that they can't win and decided it best to surrender. Quan-zer-aii-Don willing to except this surrender had requested a place to meet with the galaxies governments to discuss peace.

In all this war has yielded a total of 0 civilian casualties. More to come.

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