Ranger Teams Echo, Foxtrot and X-ray were three teams of Ranger-class Sangheili within the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. While the Tacit Ronin, alongside most other Fleet assets, handled conventional warfare, the Ranger Teams were utilized for purely support roles. Each team consists of at least fifteen sangheili rangers, with a squad field commander; the template and naming of each team was modeled after those in the human military, and the Unnamed Field Marshall intentionally did so to emphasize the influence that the humans have had on the Scouting Fleet, further blurring the lines that originally separated them.

History Edit

The first time that the ranger teams were utilized was in the battle over Planet Blood, when they were tasked with attaching booster modules to the underside of the Chat carrier to avert a collision with the planet namesake. This was also the only instance in which a Ronin Zealot was assigned to lead one of the teams (Echo), although said Zealot was killed after a direct hit from a plasma torpedo. Future Ronin Zealot 'Taralam was a member of Team Echo.

Originally, the Field Marshall formed five teams of rangers; Ranger Teams Uniform and Zulu were completely wiped out during the ground battle on Planet Blood.

Despite their success and survival, Echo, Foxtrot, and X-Ray were disbanded after the battle, and only Team Foxtrot was temporarily reformed to provide artillery support for the Tacit Ronin during the events on the Unnamed Sharp-Yar World.

Echo, Foxtrot, and X-Ray were revived during the boarding of the Augury of Justice over New Eden, when Black Fang agents and mercenaries worked together to disable the flagship and board it. Due to their actions, the attempt to seize the Augury ended up in a failure for the boarders.

Known Members Edit

  • Team Echo
    • 'Tolah - Leader
    • N'akra
  • Team Foxtrot
    • 'Rithin - Leader
  • Team X-Ray
    • Parris 'Hurmon - Leader
    • 'Gradar
    • Hjon 'Akah

Gallery Edit

Ranger team

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