Pirate flag

The Raptor pirates' insignia

The Raptor Pirates are a third party faction in the galaxy that attacked both the Resistance and the Chat Empire for plunder and glory. Their military capacity is completely unknown but they are a major hindrance to all people of the galaxy.

History Edit

First Fleet down Edit

A large portion of the First Fleet of Righteous Warriors crash landed on the planet of Gauss Wisely back in 2556 while Xili Gar lead a small strike force to Eafth. Maintenance reports indicate that the engines had been EMPed and the effects were similar to an earlier Chat attack on a different fleet. The Second in command, Rix Wras, set up camp in Gauss Wisely's wilderness and intended on fixing the fleet as fast as possible.

His hopes would be dashed when the Chat arrived at at their makeshift base and raided the ships. The raptors fought long and hard with bravery that would make their ancestors proud but the Chat had millions of troops. The Chat managed to grab all of the essential computers and hardware from the bridges of the ships and then left with them.

They soon sent an ultimatum. "You may starve to death with no fleet or you can survive and work under us. As private contractors you will be well fed especially since we will give you your hardware back."

The wounded Rix Wras laughed it off and called for unity to survive the coming winter and find a way to escape. Rix Wras did get better and for a time things were good. The Chat were at a safe distance, waiting for the Raptors to capitulate and the Raptors had enough supplies to hold out for a while especially since they didn't have to feed the dead Raptors.

Raptor Schism Edit

But as the winter drew on the Raptors supplies would go by fast. Most of it spoiled because the ships could not be started to start the coolers in the food stores. As the winter dragged on resistance to Rix Wras grew. An fast growing political group, called the Escapists, demanded that Rix give in the Chat so they could get their freedom and then turn on the Chat and run away. Rix didn't like this resistance to authority especially in a military structure where he was the judge, jury, and executioner. He refused to have a meeting with these Escapists who he saw as insubordinate and a majority of Raptors agreed with him.

The growing food shortage though make the Escapists even more desperate for the Chat food. Tensions rose until a small team of radical escapists snuck into the sleeping quarters of Rix and his 20 advisors and attempted to kill them in their sleep. Rix survived the attack with three of his advisors but with major injuries.

Raptor Civil War Edit

Rix declared that these Escapists were guilty of treason and went to war with them. The Escapists fought back and before long a Raptor Civil war was in full swing. Both sides targeted each others food supplies in an effort to starve each other. Raptors began dying by the hundreds every day of starvation. The starving of the soldiers and the war made Chat food look more and more like a feasible option every day.

The longer the war dragged on the more members the Escapists gained. By spring the food was gone and so the Escapists had about 98% of the Raptors on their side along with all of the ships and now empty food stores. A strongman that had arisen during the war accepted the Chat's deal and banished Rix and his allies to a hillside where they would barely manage to hold on for a few more months from foraging before committing suicide to prevent giving the Chat the pleasure.

The Pirates rise Edit

The Chat gave the Raptors their much needed food and hardware. They commissioned them a supply ship that would make its rounds from the fleet to gauss and back. The Raptors were overjoyed and began to slowly build their naval power under the Chat. This required, however, that they raid resistance ships but the raptors didn't have to much of a moral crisis when they had food in their stomachs. The resistance reluctantly labeled them as an enemy due to the repeated attacks. This made a lot of the raptors depressed when they heard the news but they told themselves that if they didn't attack the resistance they would starve.

But as 2558 and the New Year approached the ranks of the Raptors where edging to keep the Chat out of their profits and declare their independence which they did in October 2557. By this time the Raptors had enough ships and supplies to keep a steady supply of food and other necessities and didn't need the Chat. But the resistance would not trust them again after the Raptors had raided and stolen from them for a year.

As an independent force they attacked Yoth and some of Drullkus's installations to gain plunder from the Chat and from the seemingly abandoned storehouses of Drullkus industries. Their only motivations it seems is to add more ships, more non raptor mariners, and more moons and asteroids to their kingdom.

Marque Edit

Years latter after the failure to safe guard Gaeto the Glory Alliance of Aquamarine decided that the so called allies who had no longer continued the New Galactic Republic where not to be relied on, as Gaeto and the Guardians of Eden where the only ones besides them who have proven by action to still be in on everything we had thought the chat where defeated for. They then gathered many other pirates, war criminals, regular criminals, and blended them with trusted military navy fleets and with successful diplomatic meetings gained a alliance with the Raptor Pirate King and blended them with the multitude gathered granting them hired rights to be an empire. Though not entirely trusted and only done out of necessity the offer for the now privateer raptors is they can keep most of what they plunder from the chat plus being paid to do so, but they must give 1/23rd of the ships they hijack to their new allies. But dire consequences should they betray their oath. The Raptor Privateers will soon be joining the space fight all over the galaxy.

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