Utahraptor half armour

Raptorclaw in his light armour. Note the Jetpack mid-thrust, the energy swords in each hand, and the energy-blade claws.

For the user equivalent, see Xili Gar.

Raptorclaw, known as Raptor to his teammates, is the second-in-Command of the Team Heretic Dinofox, and the scout of the team. He is an anthropomorphic dinosaur, most commonly seen as a Utahraptor. He speaks perfect English, as well as Saurian and decent Sangheili. His birth date is unclear, and mentioning the extinction even after 6.5 million years results in unfavourable outcomes.


Raptorclaw went missing during the events that took place shortly after the formation of the Heretical Dinofoxes. Promising to return one day, he disappeared for a large amount of time. When he finally did return, he brought back a fleet, the First Fleet of Righteous Warriors which composed of an attack force of multiple Rex-class Capital ShipsRaptor-Class Destroyer Escorts, as well as Utah-class DestroyersDeinonych-Class Corvettes, and a large number of fighters. These were accompanied by Pterodactyl dropships and Bambi-class Starfighters.


Raptorclaw is a friendly dinosaur. He is driven by honour, and while occasionally brash or sarcastic, is well suited to his role within the team. His fast speed makes him a brilliant scout, enhanced by his LA/RCH armour. His natural affinity for lightning-fast attacks from unconventional angles makes him a pivotal member of the team. Further bolstered by a jet pack and his raptorian legs designed to jump, aerial attacks are executed flawlessly.

The sharp killing claws on Raptor's feet are embedded with the same technology that is found in the Energy Sword and this makes him proficient at CQC, provided he doesn't accidentally slash himself. The last time this happened, Raptorclaw attributed this to "not being used to how big the blades are" and muttered something about "teething problems." This secures the Unnamed Field Marshall as being the resident CQC expert.


  • Although not commonly known, Raptorclaw always carries a Type-1337 Energy Weapon/Sword on his person for security reasons and the fact it is one of the dinosaur's favourite weapons.

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