Republic troops

The Standard Guard in battle against the Chat.

The core backbone of the New Galactic Republic's army, the Republic Guard are known as “grunts”.


On par with a standard Chat Trooper, they possess all the strengths of their Chat counterparts. While they are known for being a better soldier pound for pound compared to a standard Chat Trooper; they are not as well funded, meaning their weapons and armor could be what some would consider second rate. In battle, they are known for being tenacious, cunning, and willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done. Like the Chat, they also have their own specialized units for what ever mission they need to accomplish. The best guards work directly with Karl and the members of Team Heretic Dinofox.

Specialized Units:

  • Republic Shock Troops
  • Republic Sentinel

    Specialized Weapons:

  • HR-15A
  • M-25 Rifle
  • SIP-30
  • SR-17s
  • PHMG


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