Elite Guard

Three Sentinels

The best soldiers of the Galactic Republic, the Republic Sentinels, sometimes referred to as Specialists, excel at high risk missions.


Highly trained soliders who practice team work and almost never fail a mission, these specialists work behind the scenes. The Republic Sentinels will usually work in small teams of three to five soliders, all who excel at a certain skill. They are known to be battle driven, battle tested, and they never crack under pressure. However they mostly keep to themselves and do not like working with other special operations soldiers due to conflicting strategies. The Sentinels will never take being put on the sidelines lightly, as they believe they are the best troops the New Galactic Republic has to offer. Skill and combat wise, they are almost as good as the Chat's HK-droids; though they lack their agility, the Sentinels are instead cheaper, and more creative than the Assassin droids.

Specializations Edit

While all sentinels are adept at combat and prepared for almost any situation, some are handpicked to focus purely in one field. Known specializations are:

  • Close Quarters Combat Sentinel - Trained for extreme close quarters combat.
  • Wetwork Sentinel - Trained for long-term, close-range tracking.
  • Hunter Sentinel - Trained for extremely aggressive pursuit.
  • War Master Sentinel - Trained in the art of combat and tactics.

Members Edit


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