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Resistance Space Base 0014 was a station used by the Resistance, and previously both space bandits along with a commercial cargo company using it as a depot.


The Space Base was originally opened to the public following several hiatuses, merely known as Space Base 0014 in 2499, as a mining depot as well as a stationary deep space city in a very underpopulated region at the time.

Its crew was eventually downsized by 2530, and scheduled for decommission around this time, before bandits fleeing to the region seized the station.  Given the illegal modifications the station possessed at the time, the company currently in possession didn't seek help from the Chat.

Resistance controlEdit

In 2545, the now moderately established Resistance force planned and carried out an operation to seize the station, and gain control of the derelict region.  The bandits still remaining on the station resorted to infighting, to the point that they were almost completely unable to prevent a takeover by the Resistance. 

After the successful seige, the station was renamed to its formal name, Space Base 0014, and eventually control was given to Commander Verlaine.

It was the base for the Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII.

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