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Nightwing Spartan
Vital statistics
Age 28
Status Retired
Physical attributes
Height 2.13 Meters
Weight 450 Kg (w/ Mjolnir Armor)

360 Kg (w/ SPI armor) 100 Kg (w/o armor)

Richard-1337 (otherwise known as Nightwing) is a SPARTAN-IV and a supporting member of Team Heretic Dinofox. He specialized in stealth and civilian infiltration due to his civilian appearance.

History Edit

He appeared in the THDF universe through a portal on a forerunner structure. He settled on New Haven and adopted two kids. After the incident on New Eden, he was harassed by the Chat Empire, trying to get him to join, threatening him and his children.

He eventually relocated to a desert world and became a sheep farmer, retiring peacefully from the conflict.

Gear Edit

  • MA37 Supressed
  • M6C
  • Dual Lethal Humbler Stun Devices
  • Telescoping Knife

Personality Edit

He is overly confident, especially in combat. He is extremely protective of his children, not wanting any harm to come to them.

He is also capable of communicating with sheep.

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