Richard Lee
Vital statistics
Position Captain of the Back with a Vengeance
Age 59
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 79 Kg (174 lb)

Richard Lee was the Captain of the carrier Back with a Vengence. His Executive Officer is Jene Wakerman.

History Edit

Na Zego Incident Edit

When the Back with a Vengeance was teleported into the THDF universe they were low on supplies due to the long campaign they had been waging against the remnant. The people of Na Zego gave them food and a warm bed. Savior Team also used the opportunity to upgrade much of their equipment. But soon the Chat Empire showed up and demanded that the members of the Back with a Vengeance hand over their tech, or be considered enemies of the state. As with other instances with the slip-space rifts, the Chat wanted to make sure they were not a threat. They also saw this as a chance to discover new technology. The Captain, Richard Lee, saw this as unacceptable and planned to attack the Chat Empire.

However, after Savior received Intel from the locals on the size and scope of the Chat Empire, it was agreed upon by Richard Lee and the locals that Richard would prolong the negotiations until a solar flare. Then precisely before the solar flare (which would produce an EMP) hit the planet, the Back with a Vengeance would escape using its slips-pace drive. When the Captain got out of slip-space and radioed Na Zego he found static. Thinking it was the EMP, the Captain continued on his way to another system, hopefully not controlled by the Chat.

However, when the Back with a Vengeance reached the next planet, it was deserted, with only one small civilian ship being found. While meeting the survivors, Savior Team found out the truth. The Chat had sacked planets around Na Zego in retaliation for the civilian cooperation with the Back with a Vengeance. Their hope was that either the ship would turn up and surrender, or they could find it's location and hunt it down. That was also when Savior Team first heard about The Resistance and the atrocities the Chat Empire had committed. It was not long before the Back with a Vengeance was apart of the resistance and almost every member committed to stopping the Chat and their allies.

When the Slipspace Rift Incident occurred, the crew looked to the Captain to get them out of this mess or to keep them alive. With the chain of command severed, the Captain now had thousands of men and women looking to him for the answers that he did not have. He has made a few mistakes and has had to reclaim to trust his crew; but in the end, it has made him the Captain he is today.

Personality Edit

As a former member of the UNSC he has a lot of mistrust towards the mercenaries in Team Heretic Dinofox. He prefers to support the Fleet of Generous Distribution since they would normally be allies back in the old universe. His crew has for the most part forgotten the old alliances of the old world, but Richard is stubborn. He is much more sympathetic of cross over commanders like General SheerAvenger777 due to his military code, honor, and devotion to duty.

Deat The Back with a Vengeance was boarded by raptor pirates, Xenomorphs and bounty hunters. The captain rushed back the bridge to destroy the compromised portions of the ship. On the way he was shot and doomed to die. Spartan Morris cut out his neural implants so she could put them in the ship and order the destruction o compromised portions without anesthetic leading to his death. He neural implants were taken to the bridge as per his last orders.

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