The Robotic Shark is a weapon created by the Sirens.
Robotic Shark

It is made in the image of a marine ocean predator. Its intelligent is mostly in the form of guidance and combat situation adaption. It has 3 attack methods.

Swim and bite: This is the close quarters attack. Its teeth are razor sharp and designed to penetrate and shred enemy solders in the water. This is done by swift movement speed and agility.

Ranged Attack: The shark's mouth is in fact a speargun that fires large harpoons. It however only has a single cylinder magazine of 30 shots.

Kamikaze: This attack is never wasted on small weak or minor targets. The robotic shark is in fact a torpedo, and its warhead is able to do massive damage to armored vehicles. The robotic shark when spotting a high level enemy will swim up to them and then explode.

Armor: The Robotic Shark is built for speed but it does have strong armor. Any bullet lower then a 40 caliber will only bounce off. However prolonged exposer to attack or high enough damaging weapons and it will be destroyed. The robotic shark can even be destroyed by siren melee weapons such as swords and spears.

Deployment methods: Their are many ways to deploy this droid such as with crab pot or depth charge droppers. (the same thing that sets a sea mine) Launching it from a large torpedo tube. Orbital drop pods. Deployed from bombers. Dropped from a cargo hatch. Sent emedeantly after built.

Appearances: Futer Wet Wars RPs that might happen.

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