Robotic shrimp are a product of the technology of the Sirens, and have been built in the image of pet shrimp from their home planet Aquamarine . They are a worker class droid who preform a number of tasks including:

  • Medical class
  • Repair class
  • Street/sea cleaner
  • Hybrid versions for adapted needs uses


The robotic shrimp are engineered based on the anatomy of actual shrimp, and their arms come with a verity of attachment tools such as brushes, plasma cutters, smelt sodders, grinding tools, surgery claws, drills, plyer like claws, etc etc.

They are only slightly larger then your advrige human, which is to sirens "small enough to do the jobs quick in swarms and able to reach a lot of things". Some shrimp are larger or smaller.

Their mouth parts are capable of grinding at the most material as strong as a mettle inglet 3 and a half times stronger then hunter shield mettle. They eat the raw material of anything sending it into their stomic which comparts non smeltable recyclables into a second stomic, while the smeltable material is in the furnace stomic, where it will be melted into a hot running liquid. The shrimp will then either vomit up the molten liquid and shape it into a tool to build or repair something, or it will compact the material into a cube, let it pass out the other end, then load the recyclable cube onto a crate or into a recycle bin where it will be transported to a factory. Anything non recyclable it eats will be converted into ash then thrown into the trash. Anything recyclable it eats how ever only 1/4rth is either vomited or defecated to be used for something else as a quarter is then used to repair its self.

They are also capable of being on land and in water and that wasn't even the way they tried to design them, so that's a bonus invention success.

Roll in combatEdit

The robotic shrimp is "harmless and has no combat roll. In fact it will not even respond to the presence of a enemy that is attacking it. It will how ever send a signal that they are near, and it will attempt to repair its self, other droids, or a auto turret combat class robot or anything that will respond to them and attack right away. 



The pet shrimp the droids where based on where also based on a real world sea animal called "the cleaner shrimp" which does the same thing, but not as advanced.

  • All planets in the New Galactic Republic that have allowed Sirens to share inhabitation of them have been granted a large number of these droids from Prince Sapphire the 72cond as a loving gift to the alliance from Aquamarine
  • Some of this shrimp are always present on siren sea and space ships to help keep them repaired.
  • Large amounts of robotic shrimp, siren nanno bots, and clean up crews of many different kinds have been at work for over 8 years building colonial fortresses on Planet Ghost Town, including one very large one on land intended as a birthday present for the leader of the Back With A Vengeance.

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