Royal Commandos made up the majority of the elite body of Kig-Yar Guardians of Eden soldiers that served directly under Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber. Their Commodore was Crystal, a female Kig-yar.

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Characteristics Edit

Royal Commandos are drawn from the best Buccaneers and Archers and given additional training to make them the most deadly of the Guardians of Eden pirates. They are exclusively deployed with Stars and Saber, never without, and wear purple or red armor to symbolize royalty.

Royal Commandos are trained for every combat situation. They can serve as snipers, bodyguards, vehicle operators, foot soldiers, melee infantry, and officers even have basic understandings of how to operate capital ships for emergency situations. Of all those in their empire, the Royal Commandos are the best of the best.

Typical Armaments Edit

Notable Conflicts Edit

Notable Individuals Edit

  • Commodore Crystal - Leader of Royal Commandos
  • Captain Vaa'R - A captain that was killed during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha
  • Captain Kra'kuk - Lead a team aboard the Arno to rescue Resistance members from Xenomorphs
  • Captain Kesk - Fought during the siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha and later crashed on an unknown planet
  • Sut'Ra - Fought during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha, and was one of the few survivors
  • Vaye Hek - A mid-ranking soldier that participated in the battle on an unknown planet.

Gallery Edit

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