A rare picture of S3kshun8.

S3kshun8 (Section Eight): A hacker who's real name and identity are still not known. He only shows himself when he wants to, and can disappear into thin air when he needs to.

Known IntelEdit

He is a hacker that works with anyone who is willing to pay the price for his services. S3kshun8 is next to impossible to track down and locate because not only is he constantly on the move, his signal and code are uncrackable. He works alone and knows how to blend in with crowds when needed. It is also known he knows how to handle both firearms and hand to hand combat. Though, this is his last line of defense, as he prefers to escape and not get bogged down in directly fighting people. It is interesting to note he is very close with Karl, a former member of the Chat Empire and now the leader of the New Galactic Republic. It is unknown why or how Karl and S3kshun8 became close but it can be assumed the two trade intel and secrets with one another. 

His information release was one of the direct reasons The Chat Schism broke out, as the information Karl had sent him contained classified materials on the Chat's war crimes over the course of the Galactic Chat War. He would come in handy again after a devastating attack on the planet of Gaeto left Karl wanting to exact revenge, and show his people he would not let the Chat push them around. 

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