Underwater base

One of the many bases used to help with the contingency plan.

was the official emergency plan in place to defend the Tactical Asteroid New Eden, if an attack were to occur. New Eden was the home of powerful Kig-Yar Pirate Lord of the STARS and his mate, Madam Celestial Saber. It was activated when the asteroid was attacked by huge amounts of Black Fang allied terrorists and mercenaries who were attempting to destroy it, which would kill many key figures of the fight against the Chat Empire.

History Edit

The SUMMER CONTINGENCY emergency plan was put in place by Madam Celestial Saber after setting up her palace on New Eden.

Classification Edit

Events that would be classified as SUMMER CONTINGENCY include hard evidence that an enemy to the pirate clan has discovered the asteroid and plans to attack it, large scale attempts by terrorists or other private groups to destroy or cause major damage across New Eden on the asteroid itself, or the population, and any Chat Ships entering the system.

Activation Edit

After returning to New Eden for a much needed vacation after the events on Beta Maximus 35b, the Black Fang attempted to kill everyone on New Eden, alongside T3CHNOCIDE, by attacking the core as well as bombing the surface. However, with all of their forces scattered enjoying their vacation, with no way of communication, the leaders could not rally an effective resistance. The SUMMER CONTINGENCY was activated, but failed to have any effect because of the the lack of any communication. Only the Kig-Yar police, who lacked military training, and a few lances of Unggoy under Yozoz had any real cooperation. Eventually, some of Yozoz's Unggoy, Yabab and Glofnog, were able to link up with the Tacit Ronin (Spec Ops Unit) and make it to a Broadcast station, where they could reestablish order among the defenders.

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