Swat pic

SWATminifigGUY, his standard combat armor.

"One of the best snipers out there, he is a natural when it comes to hunting and tracking; though, he is very cocky."

- Resistance's description of SWAT

Known HistoryEdit

Born on the planet of Yavin V to a small family of farmers, SWAT always loved the city. Though his father taught him how to hunt for survival, SWAT hated being poor. He wanted to live in a big house with fancy equipment. However, the one thing he hated the most, was losing. When it came to anything in life, he always had to come out on top, even if it meant cheating. When he turned 12, The Chat Civil War broke out and the entire galaxy went to war. He soon realized that the United Opedia could not win this war, they were no match for the industrialized Chat Nation. He made the choice to defect and go fight for the Chat. His father tried to convince him otherwise but when words turned into fists, SWAT beat his father up and left him bleeding on the floor.

Though the Chat at first arrested him and thought he was a spy, he soon became a valuable asset to the war effort. He helped them root out the United troops during ground battles and used his hunting knowledge to become a sniper for the Chat. After the war, SWAT heard rumors of an up and coming political party that had the chance of unseating the Chat Nation at the next elections. Not wanting to be on the losing side, SWAT left the army and became an important part of Chat Empire's security detail. Once the Chat Empire won the 118th elections, SWAT became an Moderator for his work and created the sniper division for the Chat Armed Forces.

When the Mandolorians attacked the Chat Empire, SWATminifigGUY was stationed in the capital city and was having a one on one meeting with Admin Haloprov. Their office was suddenly broken into by Lord Mandolore himself, who killed him before he could put up a fight.

Battle StatusEdit

SWATminifigGUY was the driving force behind the creation of the Chat Sniper division. The division of snipers are known as some of the deadliest marksmen ever created. SWAT can usually be found leading chat snipers into combat zones, unless SWAT goes on a mission by himself. Cocky, arrogant, brash, and loud mouthed, SWAT talks a lot but has the skills to back it up. He loves the high class life and will only get down and dirty when the mission calls for it. Though he hates his "primitive" childhood, the skills his father taught him have made him a deadly tracker and an even deadlier sniper. 

SWAT was present during the Fall of Yoth, providing sniper cover during the assault on Gamma Base. SWAT had been stationed on Yoth for about a month prior to the assault, gathering Intel on the base. However, when Commander Heathcliff's bomb went off, killing thousands of Chat and Resistance troops, SWAT was believed to be dead. However, he survived on his own for another two days before being spotted and picked up by a lone Chat Shuttle. He spent time recovering from his wounds and frostbite, leaving him on the sidelines as the events of The Chat Schism unfolded.

Swat seal battle

SWAT sneaking up on SEAL forces during the battle.

Once the fighting on Eafth was finished, Prov approached him and told him that he was going to be part of a raid to make the Delta SEALS cease to exist as a threat. Along with Moderator Spartan A-118, the three left along with 17 ships to the planet of Kastafar. As always, SWAT's sniper cover proved invaluable as he was able to outmatch the best counter-snipers the SEALS could field. As the battle drew to a close, SWAT's ability to pick off enemies from a distance not only struck fear into the hearts of the enemy, it raised the moral of the Chat forces.

SWAT fought alongside Haloprov against Lord Mandalore when he decided to betray the Chat Empire, but the latter easily slaughtered the marksman. His ally, Haloprov, was able to escape.


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