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  Sal Nolle also known as Agent Nolle is a Chat special agent who has been trained by them since the age of five. By the age of twenty he had been sent to wipe out the Team Heretic Dinofox heroes.

Chrome Trooper

Sal Nolle in his battle armor.


Sal was genetically modified to be an even better soldier. He is twice as fast, intelligent, and strong as a human, and also possess superhuman reaction time and agility. Sal also has twice as much endurance then most humans, being immune to pain.


Sal is very serious and does not talk much. He is three times as accurate as most trained marksmen and is a perfectionist. Sal always seems to be calm and puts the Chat Empire over everything else. Sal usually exercises, trains, or watches plays on his off time. His favorite music is classical, but he also enjoys imperial rock and rap.


Sal has brown hair and green eyes. Sal is 6 feet tall and is fairly muscular.


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