Sam Flynn
H4 Mark VI Armor
Sam in his GEN2 Mark VI Armor
Vital statistics
Position Spartan-IV
Age 38
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Without armor: 6'3
Weight Without armor: 78 kg
I smell a huge shitload of missions here
— Sam, when meeting THDF for the first time.
“For the user Equivalent, see Coolbuddy379.”

Spartan Sam Flynn is a member of THDF. He is the Commander of Centurion Team.


Early LifeEdit

Sam Flynn was born on 8th July, 2527 on Luna. When he was small, he was inspired by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, more commonly known as ODSTs. Because of this when he was asked what he would become when grew up, he replied that he wished of joining the ODSTs.

Joining into the ODSTs and SPARTAN-IVs Edit

Strike team

Task Force Crysis

Sam Flynn was selected into the ODSTs in 2551. After he showed excellence in his missions, he was made as the leader of his own team called Task Force Crysis in 2553.

He and his team were excellent in stealth and CQB missions. His best friend was Scott Jones. In 2554, the team was selected into the SPARTAN-IV Program and his team name was changed from Task Force Crysis to Fireteam Nova. He and his team were assigned to repel the Promethean Wave when the latter first attacked UNSC Infinity. He and Scott fought bravely and so got certified for new armors. Later, Fireteam Nova was assigned to Operation:IGNITION, a mission to strengthen the UNSC Defenses so the Outer Colonies can be safe from any other hostile attacks. Nova was the captain of an entire fleet. Nova was badly damaged in this mission except for Sam and Scott, resulting in the duo being assigned to Centurion Team. They were on a mission in the UNSC Judgement Call when the Slipspace Rift Incident happened

Meeting Team Heretic Dinofox Edit

Dut to the Slipspace Jump, the ship's engines shut down, and was left floating in spaces. All the members were unconscious except for him. While he and the team was floating in space, he found The Great Fox III, the base of operations for the Team Heretic Dinofox.

The crew first thought it was some Chat fighter coming to attack them. But afterwards when they found that the ship was not of the Chat's, they allowed it to be docked. It was there where he met the THDF, its members and Fox McCloud, leader of the Team Heretic Dinofox. Fox had told him about the evil deeds of the Chat Empire, which angered Sam a bit. Fox also said that most of the members of the THDF were also transported into the universe by the Slipspace Rift Incident


Fireteam Nova searching for the message. (Members from the left) Jeff Gates - Scout , Brad Clarke - Leader , Bill Amber - Sniper and Aaron Cash - CQB Specialist.

Chat Laboratory InfiltrationEdit

Centurion Team received a message from New Galactic Republic soldiers on a remote asteroid station saying that they found blue prints of a space laboratory in an asteroid in the belt near Yoth and that it could have technology that could help them send a message, or even send themselves, back to their universe. Since THDF was busy taking back Yoth, Sam volunteered to go on a recon mission to the laboratory. First, they go to the station where they pick up the NGR soldiers, and go to the Chat Laboratory. As soon as they go inside, they are ambushed by Raptors, killing one soldier and wounding one another. After killing 'em all, they find a switch and press it, turning on the lights and revealing a huge laboratory, which Scott comments that maybe "it has enough space to accommodate a War Games simulation map in here". One of the soldiers recognizes this laboratory and, remembering his past, narrates a story about the laboratory, saying it was used to experiment on humans, one of which was the soldier's only father. He also reveals that the station was controlled by one Dr. Peter Titanus, better known as Titanus, and that the lab was abandoned after an experiment gone horribly wrong, killing most of the staff.

Their conversation is cut off in middle when they hear some noises and soon, an armored figure comes out, holding David Fisher knocked unconscious. The figure reveals himself to be Titanus, who made himself a suit to keep him alive after the consequences of the failed experiment years ago. He then presses a button on his TACPAD, the entire lights go out for a moment and come back, with Titanus nowhere to be seen. The team split up, with Sam and Alex and two NGR soldiers as one part and David, who regained consciousness, and Scott, and the rest NGR soldiers as another part. While searching, Titanus sneaks from behind Sam and Alex and stabs Alex in the neck, killing him and enraging Sam. But before Titanus can escape, Sam takes Alex's Sticky Detonator and shoots one grenade at Titanus left knee and detonates it very fast, propelling them outwards, with Titanus propelled with more force.

Sam gets up and shoots the fallen Titanus repeatedly at the knee with his M6D, emptying the magazine. Titanus uses a smoke bomb and escapes in a small spacecraft. After a while of searching, Sam finds the machine and broadcasts a message to Fireteam Nova in his universe. Then, David activates the fail-safe in Alex's armor and sets a timer and escape the facility, with the lab destroyed as Alex's armor detonated near the reactor chamber, Alex's funeral pyre. They later drop the NGR soldiers at their base and go back to their own base, exhausted and left wondering what their next mission would be.

Biography and InterestsEdit

Sam Flynn was born on 8th July, 2527 on Luna, Earth's natural moon. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He is fair in color. He has a normal but slightly high pitched voice. He has a natural interest for weapons, fighter and striker planes, video games and armors. His best friend is Scott Jones. He is the commander of Centurion Team.

Equipment Edit

His preferred armor is the GEN2 Mark VI although he used his Recruit armor more often while assigned to Fireteam Nova. His weapons are the MA5D Assault Rifle, M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, M6D Magnum and a UNSC Combat Knife. His preferred armor ability is Active Camouflage.


For more information, see Centurion Team.

Log EntriesEdit

For more infomation, see Sam Flynn's Log Entries.


External Links Edit

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