These are the Log Entries written by Sam Flynn.

Log Entry 1

Fireteam Nova was badly damaged except for Scott and I. Those idiotic dumb Prometheans came out of nowhere and took Halsey and made my Team members suffer. I & Scott were certified for new armors. Due to the damaging of my team, I, Scott and some other SPARTANs were tasked on a rescue mission when suddenly a Slipspace Portal opened out of Nowhere. Pretty Weird one though. Unlike others it sucked us violently inside. The Condor was badly damaged due to the Slipspace Travel. Everybody became unconscious except for me. After the Portal ended the Condor was simply floating in space. After some hours I saw a big ship coming to our direction. Then I found out luckily that the Condor had one final boost. So I used this boost at the ship. Maybe the crew thought I was an intruder and readied their weapons. But heck I don't know what happened they didn't fire at us. They welcomed instead. There I saw a strange human-like Fox. He welcomed and told his name is Fox McCloud & he is the leader of a Team called Team Heretic Dinofox, a team fighting against an evil Chat Empire. Pretty much name for a evil group. I was shocked when he told that this is not my universe. I had slipspaced between two universes. Soon the other SPARTANs woke up. So starts another adventure.

End Log

Log Entry 2

Everything's good. Team Heretic Dinofox is nice. I named the new group of SPARTANs as NOVA Team, similar to Nikolai's Savior Team. David asked me to make a John-117 Altered Armor. I asked Scott. He wouldn't say no, of course. So we begun the work and created it. Another guy called Jerome 113 with his team also got transported into this universe and I picked him up. He is not from my universe. My current goal is to send a message for Fireteam Nova that I am fine & won't be returning for some time. Let's hope I succeed.

End Log