Savior team pelican

Part of Savior Team in the back of a Pelican before they received Mandalorian Mark lll Combat Armor.

Our war isn't over till we stop breathing.
— Savior Team's motto.

Savior Team is a team of SPARTANS that were active in many conflicts. They were trained as a black operation unit but due to a lack of training in the spartan regulars; the new spartan recruits were sent to the front lines to fight the Covenant and train the green spartans of 1st platoon. After the Battle in the Ancillia System however, they were assigned Nikolai as their new team leader and were recommissioned as a black op unit.

Members Edit

Nikolai Pereshenko (Disavowed) (S-lV Leader): Nikolai is the team leader. He made it clear from day one that he knew nothing about black ops. He also made it clear that there was something this team could learn from Nikolai in the way of surviving on your own and guerrilla warfare tactics. He was instantly disliked by most of the team who saw guerrilla tactics as cowardly, out-dated and obsolete. However, now in the THDF universe even Alysha has been forced to admit that the guerrilla training Nikolai gave them is priceless in their current struggle against the Chat Empire.

Blake Stevens (Disavowed) (SG-III infiltration expert) also know as the lone wolf. If you need a fly on the wall in a heavily guarded compound, he is your guy. He really wants to study Tacit Ronin. He recently started secretly working for the Chat in exchange for the whereabouts of a famous Mandalorian assassin.

Lillian Lawler (Clinically KIA) (SG-III close quarters combat) Every spartan from gamma has anger issues but Lillian takes it too far sometimes. She also makes historically bad tactical decisions in the heat of combat. She once beheaded an elite that tried to take her hostage. Then she proceeded in taking on six elites at one time up close, which almost got her killed had the rest of the team not showed up. Alysha and Nikolai always try to be at her side to make sure nothing happens to her. She really wants to study Tactic Ronin.

Kyle Wigan (KIA) (S-IV sniper) He often used a marine as his spotter to increase the effectiveness of the team. He was a real humanitarian and took the moral high road, not allowing himself to be brought down to the Mandalorians' level of brutality. He was ironically brutally beheaded by the Maximite.

Alysha Morris (S-IV demolitions expert) Alysha was the former team leader before Nikolai took over. Alysha still has a rocky relationship with Nikolai since she was demoted. She prefers to be judged on how big an explosion is and not on how long it took. She is was born in 2523. That makes her 35 years old with 13 years as an ODST and 4 years as a Spartan.

  • Mandalorian Mark lll Combat Armor
  • Armor lock
  • Personalized ACR15 Viper Masada
  • M319 Individual Grenade Launcher
  • C-7 explosives
  • C-12 explosives
  • M3C Combat Knife
  • Flash bangs
  • Smoke grenades
  • Spartan Neural Interface

Ideology and Na Zego Incident Edit

When the Back with a Vengeance was teleported into the THDF universe it was low of supplies because of the campaign was being waging against the remnant. The people of Na Zego took them in, gave them food and a warm bed. Savior Team also used the opportunity to upgrade much of their equipment. But soon the Chat Empire showed up and demanded that the members of the Back with a Vengeance hand over their tech, or be considered enemies of the state. As with other instances with the slip-space rifts, the Chat wanted to make sure they were not a threat. They also saw this as a chance to discover new technology. The Captain, Richard Lee, saw this as unacceptable and planned to attack the Chat Empire.

However, after Savior received intel from the locals on the size and scope of the Chat Empire, it was agreed upon by Richard Lee and the locals that Richard would prolong the negotiations until a solar flare. Then precisely before the solar flare (which would produce an EMP) hit the planet, the Back with a Vengeance would escape using its slips-pace drive. Solar flares were a regular occurrence on Na zego. When the Captain got out of slip-space and radioed Na Zego he found static. Thinking it was the EMP, the Captain continued on his way to another system, hopefully not controlled by the Chat.

However, when the Back with a Vengeance reached the next planet, they found it deserted, with only a small civilian ship being found. While meeting the survivors of the ship, Savior Team found out the truth. The Chat had sacked planets that centered around Na Zego in retaliation for the civilian cooperation with the Back with a Vengeance. The Chat's hope was that either the ship would turn up and surrender, or they could find it's location and hunt it down.

That was also when Savior Team first heard about The Resistance and the atrocities the Chat Empire had committed. It was not long before the Back with a Vengeance was apart of the resistance with every member fully committed to stopping the Chat and their allies.

Choldova Incident Edit

Savior Team played a pivotal role in the Choldova Incident.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

Savior Team was initially driven back by the new foe, because of their lack of experience with this faction. They then went to a farm house and got a lead to the location of the prison. However, the clue was in Mandalorian si they didn't know what it said. They were then picked up and taken to a warehouse in an ancient city were the squad was split up and Kyle was injured providing cover fire.

The Back with a Vengeance showed up and bought time for the team to clear the first floor. Kyle is now being treated on the Back with a Vengeance. Alysha, Lillian, and Blake soon cleared the first floor and found a Mandalorian tactical pad. They sent the tactical pad to Kosovia.

At that point the Mandalorians mysteriously retreated. Alysha, Lillian, and Blake consolidated their position and sure enough the Mandalorians returned a huge assault on the city. This was promptly repelled by Heretic Dinofox members. Savior team did manage to get the location of the prison but they lost a lot of scientists in the process.

Alysha, Lillian, Blake and the remaining scientists attempt to get out of the city to help liberate the prison but they meet setback after setback. Blake, the pilot and a few scientists were injured after a pelican crash. Alysha and Lillian dragged the wounded to safety and called for an evac from a kig jar phantom. Blake was healed and the team then set out to help the forces inside the prison. They received nanomites.

Kyle was knocked unconscious by a Mandalorian paladin while liberating the prison. Nikolai vandalized the mandalorian surveillance room in the prison before moving towards the recently spotted TWIO. Kyle was taken away by the Maximite and tortured. Nikolai and Blake tried but they couldn't save Kyle from being beheaded.

Nikolai and Blake assisted in the attack on a chat weapons depot. Everyone was later put back on the Back with a Vengeance. Planet secured they moved to go on vacation to New Eden.

The Summer Contingency Edit

The Summer Contingency was the plan to counter an attack on New Eden.

There Savior Team took a vacation but soon grew suspicious of their surroundings. They journeyed to the Power Core to learn the truth and were greeted my swarms of Black Fang recruits.

Alysha was captured while Nikolai and Blake notified the rest of the asteroid of the arrival of Black Fang. Alysha escaped and discovered SARIN gas. She then used it to cripple her pursuers. Nikolai found explosives underground while defending the power core.

After the core was secured and Spartan Alysha was safe, Spartan Lillian arrived underground to help. The three met each other at the missile launch station in the middle of a forest topside; flushing out hostiles along the way and spreading SARIN gas around Black Fang's underground lair. When they arrived, they cleared the station of hostiles and Alysha rigged the charges to destroy the three remaining SARIN missiles.

Spartan Nikolai and Spartan Lillian protected Alysha from T3CHNOCIDE long enough for Alysha to blow the place up. They were recovered by friendlies and brought back to the Back with a Vengeance.

Meanwhile, Spartan Blake would go on a killing spree underground, the hooded figure's dirty work, for a chance to kill the mandalorian that killed Spartan Kyle. He would eventually get that chance and he killed the mandalorian just as the Guardians of Eden moved in to capture Spartan Blake. He would eventually get broke out of prison by the Chat with a near death drug but not before telling the resistance all his secrets.

Disavowment Edit

After seeing the loss of three spartans of the orginal five, Richard Lee deemed that Savior Team would cease to exist by the end of the next campaign. This was unacceptable to lose such valuable assets so the Captain reorganized the survivors. Alyhsa would become an ODST and the mentally unstable Nikolai would be retired and sent to train a new ground force for the Back with a Vengeance.

Reclaimation of Yoth Edit

Spartan Blake would become mortally wounded in his fall from space after his funeral and burial. He would continue to face off against the other members of Savoir through the campaign when they weren't protecting the Back with a Vengeance.


Alysha amongst the SARIN gas

Alysha amongst the SARIN gas

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