Fox in the armor.

The Scout Grade Powered Assault Armor is a powered assault armor used by Fox McCloud.


The Scout Grade Powered Assault armor is a variant used around the galaxy by assassins, but this modified model used by Fox McCloud was more adapted to piloting aircraft and firefights. The model used by Fox had been salvaged before he acquired it, so it had lost most of its GEN 3 Powered Armor abilities. It has the ability to give off a powerful shield like the Administrators and Chat Moderators of the Chat Empire have, but at the expense of good armoring. Given Fox's agility, most heavy armor plating was removed to increase mobility.
Obsolete Scout

Mark II Variant


When Fox joined the Chat Empire, he eventually received his GEN 3 armor that was handed down from a superior officer. It did not function well, until Fox made some illegal modifications on it.

After ending his service for the Chat, Fox kept the armor illegally, and has used it ever since.

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