The Fleet over Planet Blood.

The Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution is the source of almost the entirety of the Unnamed Field Marshall's battle strength in the Team Heretic Dinofox Universe, with himself as acting Fleetmaster. Since it is a scouting fleet, it is significantly smaller than a regular Covenant fleet; about 1/10 the size of the Fleet of Particular Justice.


The Scouting Fleet was formed in 2553, directly after the Human-Covenant war to hunt down Jiralhanae fleets that refused to surrender. 

After the formation of Team Heretic Dinofox, the Scouting Fleet serves as its largest naval force, and has participated in all conflicts that the Field Marshall has been a part of.

With the outbreak of the Chat Schism, the fleet also now assists the New Galactic Republic.

In 2558, 'Kuram, a shipmaster, broke off over disagreements concerning the future of the fleet. His splinter group unofficially became known as the Fleet of Return.


Notable Known Members Edit


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