“For the user, see Sean4333.”
Howdy Y'all
— Sean upon meeting the Sapphire Clan

Sean is a former 21st Century marksman from upstate New York, who was unknowingly brought into the THDF universe by a mysterious time-rift. He was imprisoned by the Chat Empire for labor, and later jettisoned in an escape pod as punishment for leading a failed rebellion. He was soon rescued by the Siren Sapphire Clan.


Early LifeEdit

Sean lived a humble life in a small town by a lake, a town so small his closest neighbor was twenty miles, two 14 acre fields, a mountain and a stream away. He earned a reputation as an avid hunter and an accurate shot, winning at least one county fair competition. It was on this day that he was transported into a different universe. While driving to a Tim Hortons for some morning coffee before the fair, a mysterious portal opened in front of his path, teleporting him somewhere else in time.

Before THDFEdit

The time portal teleported him into the future and directly into Chat territory. A Chat vessel, commanded by Haloprov, caught him, and ordered him to work for them as a shipboard janitor. After working for days, he tried to 'rebel' against the Chat, leading a prisoner uprising. The plot failed due to the lack of prisoners on the ship, leaving Sean as the sole member of the rebellion. As there were no prisons, brigs, or jails on the ship, he was jettisoned in an escape pod as punishment, earning him the nickname "that idiot".

Rescue and Recapture Edit

After living in exile for three months, a group of Sirens called the Sapphire Clan stumbled upon Sean's escape pod prison. The aliens took the pod aboard their ship, shortly before travelling to the planet Crypto. They arrived at a Kig-Yar settlement and were just about to give Sean a tour, only for Haloprov's ship to arrive soon after. After a typical psychotic monologue and a few questionable acts, the Admin took Sean prisoner and sent him to the ship, Abomination, where he would be forced to serve as a Chat Trooper.


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