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Assault on Mu Gasto Operation Lifesaver
During the Second Battle of Eafth the Mandalorian Empire invaded Eafth on a large scale. Mandalore hungered for more power and after so many victories believed that he could personally take the Chat Empire in order to guarantee the galaxy is under his control.
Eafth clash

Chat forces after being attacked by mandalorian raiders.

The Ultimate BetrayalEdit

Mandalorian fleets attacked Eafth from every direction swarming in with the element of surprise. In Omega the police stations and bases were raided within the first minutes of battle along with government buildings. Mandalore had personally attacked SWATMifinguy and Haloprov. He managed to kill SWAT, but Haloprov escaped. The Mandalorian raiders also attack Chat's communication hubs and thousands of paladins were also involved.  After a few days of fighting Omega fell.


Mandalorian forces raided multiple cities in Eafth during their first day of attack.

Battle of ScolenvaEdit

Haloprov had escaped Omega with the help of some loyal chat soldiers, but pretty soon he was heading where many mandalorian and chat units were heading to Scolenva. This would be the next major battle and Haloprov came alongside Bravadostock in this mission. In space Forerunner dominated against Mandalorian forces until a Mandalorian assassin named Ron Thark planted a virus inside of his ship which damaged it enough for Mandalorians to destroy his ship. Forerunner had to escape, but was nearly killed when rubble fell on him just when he confronted the assassin. Fortunately, for him the assassin escaped when chat forces closed in who took Forerunner in a transport and got him out of his dying ship in time. The admins were successful in this deadly battle where up to 3 million soldiers were involved on both sides. The fight was deadly, but the Mandalorians were eventually defeated. Haloprov and Bravadostock personally dueled Mandalore during this battle and after taking some minor injures were still able to send Mandalore on a hasty retreat.

Reoccupation of OmegaEdit

Forerunner put a device on his back, so he could still walk while his injuries healed however, this time he would not have a Forerunner ship to command. After the chat forces won the battle of Scolenva the turning point of the campaign turned towards Chat's favor. Millions of chat forces charged into Omega ,but both sides too heavy losses. Mandalorian forces used buildings plus streets as flanking positions. Everywhere in the city was a different strategic position of some sort. Forerunner was still dominating the space battle above until the Igniter joined the battle and made short work of a few chat warships. Since Forerunner no longer had a Forerunner ship his super chat destroyer took heavy damage until Forerunenr decided to hyperspace his ship into the Igniter while everyone in it abandoned ship. Once the super chat destroyer hyper-spaced into the Igniter the ship's shields were nearly depleted. Soon the rest of the chat fleet was able to finish off the Igniter. By now the rest of the mandalorian fleet was at breaking point and they started to retreat. During one assault Mandalore once again took on Bravadostock and Haloprov. Though the two admins managed to best the Warrior (who still escaped) this victory came at a cost where Bravadostock was paralyzed. Bravadostock is still determined to surpass his injury in any way he can, but for now he is crippled. The battle lasted for over a week ,but eventually Mandalorian forces were overwhelmed when their fleets were being push back and many Mandalorian forces on ground were bombarded from above with orbital strikes.

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