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New Eden Crisis Investigation on Koraulak
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The Second Battle of Yoth was an attempt by THDF to invade and secure Yoth for the Coalition Forces.

Reasons for the Invasion Edit

The next target was Yoth for a number of reasons. It was formerly a base of the Resistance and retaking it would ensure a moral boost for the ranks of the opposition forces. Yoth was also in the same system as the original keep of Madam Celestial Saber and retaking that was of the utmost importance since it was clear that New Eden was no longer safe. Yoth is also situated along an intersection of trade routes and taking it would ensure the Chat would no longer be able to supply their frontier troops in certain sectors. It would also allow the Coalition to better supply their bases while expanding the corporate scope of the Cheytac Smugglers and Shadow Corp.

Additionally, there was rumors that General SheerAvenger777 was in hiding on Yoth and it was of the utmost importance to the resistance to reclaim their fallen hero before he is captured and tortured by the Chat to reveal closely guarded resistance secrets. Furthermore, Yoth has rich mines that drew the attention of the more business savvy members of the coalition. Many of the military analysts within the Coalition felt that hitting the Chat at Yoth would be key in order to maintain the forward momentum gained since Mu Gasto.

Return to Yoth Edit

Siege of Fort Yoth-Alpha Edit

Outbreak on the SS Arno Edit

On the Ashes of Hope Edit

Pirates on the High Seas Edit

Fight for the Armory Edit

Path to the Hangar Edit

Evacuation Edit

Killing General SheerAvenger777 Edit

Hunt for Hollow Tyrant Edit

Tracking General SheerAvenger Edit

The Battle for the Abomination Edit

Phase Three Scorched Earth Edit

The Ultimate Sacrifice Edit

A New Threat: The Xenomorph Army Edit

Nuke the Nest Edit

Victory Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivial Edit

  • First appearance of Uvok.

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