The Second Fleet of Trolling was a medium sized fleet with over 250 ships belonging to the Chat Empire, consisting primarily of Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyers and Ban-Hammer class Super Carriers. It deployed three frigates to commence the First Raid of Koraulak and participated in the early stages of the Battle of Planet Blood. Afterwards, it was eventually combined with the Third fleet of Trolling to create the hybrid YOLO Squadron, that was 600+ ships strong.

While it took some casualties during the Fall of Yoth, codenamed Operation YOLO, most of the fleet survived and had cleared the way for transport ships. The 2nd's main job was to provide the main assault against the Resistance's defense fleet, and take most of the casualties during the Space battle.

Though over 90 of their starships were either destroyed or severely damaged, they completed their mission and had secured the space above Yoth. The Yoth defense fleet had been destroyed and had forced the defenders onto the surface of the planet to await the invasion. With their part of the mission completed, it is unsure weither or not the 2nd fleet stayed at Yoth or if they hand over the operation to the 3rd fleet. 



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