The Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha was a battle that took place on Yoth at the Guardians of Eden Fort Yoth-Alpha, where the defenders were attacked by Raptor Pirates, who would in turn be attacked by the Chat Empire. The fort was overrun, and nearly all the defenders were killed.
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Kig-Yar Buccaneers prepare to defend the fort

History Edit

Fort Yoth-Alpha was constructed and manned by 75 Kig-Yar Buccaneers lead by Commodore Smite. On January 7th of 2558, the fort was resupplied by Madam Celestial Saber's Royal Forces, 150 strong lead by the Madam herself, along with Lord of the Stars. The Royal Company's Commodore was called Crystal. A small Covenant Lance lead by Yozoz, 3 strong, was also part of the resupply force.

Cannons were set up on the walls to defend from attackers, with the exception of a small fenced area built off the main fort used to store scout vehicles. The Northeast Wall, as it was called, was extremely weak but badly defended. Commodore Crystal of the Royal Forces did not care about this wall, thinking it was unimportant, and should therefore receive minimal defense. However, Commodore Smite believed it was foolish, as it could lead to death of everyone during a siege. Crystal assured him that no one even knew about the fort, and ordered Captain Kra'kuk not to set up more than 2 cannons there- She would be proven very wrong indeed.

First Assault Edit

When the Raptor Pirates lead by Captain Fang attacked the base on January 8th, it took everyone by surprise. The Northeast wall, as Smite had claimed, could be very easily taken. Therefore, he took it upon himself and his Buccaneers to defend it. Captain Kesk and Yozoz defended the West Wall, Crystal the South, Royal Captain Vaa'R the North, and Stars and Saber the East, along with Royal Commandos on all sides. Smite and Glofnog were alone by the weak Northeast wall with only 75 Buccaneers.

The Raptors first charged the West wall, and shot up ascension cables. However, the climbers were killed by Royal Commandos. They next completely surrounded the Fort and fires into. The Commandos inside sustained heavy fire and took minimal casualties for the rest of the day. When night fell, the Raptors charged the Northeast Wall. They broke through and began slaughtering the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers would have all been killed were it not for several Humans who showed up and cut through the Raptors. However, after all the Humans were killed except one, the Raptors pushed in again and killed nearly everyone at the wall. They were finally driven off by a storm that lasted all night. Only Glofnog, Smite, and seven buccaneers survived the melee.

Smite became very angry at Commodore Crystal and blamed her for not giving the wall enough defense, resulting in the deaths of his men.

Second Assault Edit

After the storm lifted the next afternoon, the Raptors began an immediate attack. They used mortars to destroy the West Walls and get inside the fort. When Captain Vaa'R saw the Raptors in the fort, he ordered everyone to retreat and fall back into the barracks before they were overrun. He was subsequently killed by Raptors.

As other teams retreated into the barracks, Smite ordered his Buccaneers to not retreat as they were flooded heavily by Raptors. Smite's last words were "To the death!" before he was killed by the Raptors. His entire unit was wiped out.

Lord of the Stars, Madam Celestial Saber, Commodore Crystal, Ultra Yozoz, First Commando Sut'Ra, Glofnog, and 14 Royal Commandos were preparing to make their last stand inside a small structure when the Siren ship Eye of the Gods, which had also been carrying goods to the Kig-Yar as part of their trade agreement, arrived over the fort and evacuated the 20 survivors.

The Chat 2nd Battalion, lead by Hallow Tyrant, then suddenly attacked the Raptor Pirates who were now occupying the fort. Nikolai Pereshenko arrived and confronted Hollow Tyrant, who had once been part of his team, face to face. Nikolai demanded he surrendered and threatened to kill Tyrant if he did not. Pereshenko eventually defeated Tyrant but could not bring himself to kill his oldest friend. Instead he abandoned him to die as the temperature plummeted.

Aftermath Edit

Guardians of Eden Retreat Edit

The survivors recovered their own ship and fled into space with the Eye of the Gods, but were intercepted by the Chat Ban-Hammer Star Destroyer Ravager, under the command of Admiral Cambridge. Attempting to flee, the ships created a slipspace portal, but Cambridge brought down the shields and damaged the engines of both ships, preventing them from going through.

Cambridge then demanded the surrender of Lord of the Stars, Madam Celestial Saber, and their children. But instead, Lord of the Stars was willing to bet his own life to gamble the possibility of his wife and kids getting to go free by challenging the Admiral Cambridge to a duel. His thinking was everyone would go free if he won, but he would go with out a fight if he lost.

However, rather then showing up for the fight in person the enemy picked sent a Xenomorph captured during the Xenomorph Crises on the Arno to Stars' ship via Chat Shuttle piloted by Denal Wedge. After a short fight, during which Stars used nothing but a crystal cutlass, Stars stabbed the Xenomorph in the chest with the sword, which then super-combined. But, the Chat had added an exploding charge on the creature which Wedge activated after it was killed, knocking the Kig-yar out for capture. After this, Wedge set a bomb on the ship to blow up the rest of the survivors, and fled back to the Ravager with Stars. The bomb was dropped into space by a Seraph star fighter. The bomb propelled The Eye of the Gods and Stars' ship into the portal just as it collapsed. Only 16 Guardians made it out, not counting children.


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