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Sirens homeworld, Aquamarine, photographed from space.

Sirens are an alien race of aquatic species that live on the planet of Aquamarine, which orbits the star Hygierose.

They simply refer to themselves as "The people." Aside from their nick name "Sirens" others know them as "Aquamariners"

Overview Edit

Named after its blue glow seen from distance by ship telescope; their planet, Aquamarine is rich in oxygen and over 98% of the planet is covered in oceans. The dominate species are called "Sirens" and they resembles the look of seals, except instead of having front flippers, they have webbed hands and are considered reptiles. They do have gills rather then lungs, which means they must stay moist at all times and speak in seemingly unintelligible squeaks chirps, whistles, hisses, and echo locations. They are usually in a clans that range from 10 to over 2,000 Sirens in each group. While some clans are welcoming to new comers, some are not as peaceful. They are carnivores and their main source of income is agriculture.

According to an unknown Siren prince their average life span is 400 years.

Biology Edit

Size comparasince Human vs Aquamarinear
Male and female remastered

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: †Plesiosauria

Suborder: Pliosauroidea

Family: †Pliosauridae

They have rudder like tails, two hind limbs flippers like that of a Liopleurodon, and two front limbs having crocodile like clawed hands with 4 fingers and a thumb. Their hearing is between seven kHz and fourteen hundred kHz. Their eye sight is on par with a Kig-yar. They can smell certain things over twelve miles away. In their seal-like jaws they have 63 sharp, slightly curved teeth, that are as sharp as some knives. They shed these teeth throughout life.

They have 3 eye lids for protection. They can turn their night vision off if their eyes need further protection. Their gills are unlike that of sharks so they can stop swimming if needed.

Males coloring is many different shades of green and blue, and amounts of green or blue, females are many shades of browns and greys. how much green or blue, brown or grey they have depends on which depth level they spend most of their time in, so they can have the best cammo. Sirens are fast and strong. A good bite from a Siren's jaws can even crack a Spartan's armor. They are able to swim at a maximum of 279 km/h for sustained periods of time. They also have the ability to swim at 336 km/h-360 km/h in short bursts. Their tails can send a Kig-Yar flying, and males have dispensible quills on their back for protection againced being grabbed. Their claws can easily shred leather. In water, they are a very formidable beast.

Their brains are very large and ultra super advanced, and capable of providing instincts and dreams like that of a migrating animal. Their anatomy is similar to that of a cross between a fish and a reptile, they are semi cold blooded, their bones are very strong and solid, and connected by cartalige into a very flexible skeleton. They are carnivore, but plant matter helps regulate digestion and dose give a minor amount of nutrition. What they eat stays in their body for only 4 hours and they have a shark like matablisum dew to the fact that they are swimming all the time, much the same as when you get hungry from swimming. They have air and swim blatters that they can control personally to make their floatation 100% acurit to how they need to swim or hold still. Males are more swift and adgile but females are more reseliant to taking damage. Their lungs can fill with air or water as they please and because their gills are for breathing, serve only to expel pressure to their vocal cords to launch a voice from their mouths. Their tongs are similar in desinge to a dolphin. They have 1 heart. They have large kidneys to allow them to survive large amounts of poison or lack of poison, thus allowing them the ability to handle both fresh and salt water. Every single mussel string in their body is designed like a rubber band, espeshelly in the arms flippers and tail, thus allowing them extra strength or speed. They are capable of every depth pressure of a blueshark or great white shark. Their lack of cellular discrepancy allows them to easly out live sea turtels of earth, amplified by strong gen pool and the rich and wonderus envirment of oxygen food and sunlight that if a human could live in 180 years would be added to his/her life span.

Males and females are the same size, strength, speed and intelligence, but the males are green or blue, and the females are grey or brown. When one gender is ready they will sing a very strange song, and if it's their first time they won't even know why, until the opposite gender is attracted, and if they liked their song, they will mate. Like Kig-yar females also have callused scaly pads for protection during courtship. Females give live birth to a single baby and feed him/her fresh foods until he/she is old enough to feed him/her self.

  • Cortship:

In order to achive a mate the siren be they male or female must be charming, alluring, and able to keep the one they desire from being able to resist temptation, and they cort them though play song and dance to get their attention.

Females are attracted by the physical traits of the male according to the beauty of his dorsal fin, his health, his agility, his coloration, his energy, his sent, his eye color, his speed and agility, his movement, and most of all, his voice.

Males are attracted by the females coloration, how much her scales shine, her level of playfulness, her energy, her teeth, her sent, what her scales feel like, her intelligence, her speed, and most of all, her voice.

In their society rape does not exist and they can only achieve the opposite gender by persuading them to come willingly. They bond only if to their very soul interest is sparked and they are mutally attracted. This is very diffacult to accomplish and 80% of them fail. Females come into heat only about once every 2 years and are capable of postponing pregnancy for up to 10 years.

Culture Edit

Their culture is almost completely different in every clan, ranging from a society of thieves to a socialist community, mining minerals and hunting or farming, or stealing it from other clans by force. But they all have a practice that is present for everyclan, singing. They sing to talk to each other from knots away, to intimidate the enemy, to keep moral high, to scan the area with sonar, an to attract a mate. To say each ones song is as different as finger prints are different is by far putting it lightly, still not much is even known about their songs, but this is why explorers have named their species sirens. They, however, just refer to themselves as "the people".

Sirens don't wear any clothing except what is needed to carry tools and gear, or body armor to survive fighting the many dangerous wild animals, and possibly rival clans. They live either in a cave given homely touches, or houses made from mettle and super strong glass. For home defense they have drones armed with spear guns and turrets that fire harpoons, as much needed in their dangerous under sea world.


The vocal cords of sirens are highly advanced, they operate by echo location, vibration, and sounds at highly controlled volume. Though once though to be a unintelligible language it is now known their language is so complexes it makes a language like say English, seem as primitive as when a dog tries to talk. They can't speak the language of most sentient beings because they can't handle the incomplexaty. The more we learn to understand their language the better we get at making better and better translation tools. At the moment even their names come up as literal translations, words they use are only translatable if we have a word that already exist. So far its been discovered they speak a language that is both a presapient, sapient, and extra sapient language all in one. It goes beyong simply words, to them being able to give literal descriptions of a flavor or smell, as well as a visual description that translates to images rather then descriptive words. They can communicate emotion and instinct, and give a time and date to their sentences. The names they go by so far can only be translated to the definition of the word, or a rittlistic description of the word, but deeper translation can show a calanderific translation, that so far only shows their age and blood line. Yet this half of their names translations only takes up space. They usely don't base names on gender, but when they do the translation always uses a gender word like male, female, he, she, etc. For example if the name is pearl it could be male or female, if the name is lady pearl it is female.


Siren Ship

A Siren-made vessel

I know it looks funny, but just go with it

Siren Starships have hulls based on sea creatures just as do their sea ships

"Last time it was a training exercise. Now the training wheels are off." Captain Palkins, Spirt of Honor.

They have some spaceships, which they use for trading, though they can easily be converted into warships in times of need. Their main weapon technology uses enhanced electricity. In water, they use a zapping sword made from an unknown metal that can EMP plasma based weapons coincidentally. Sirens use Spear guns heavily as a shooting weapon as well as a torpedo propelled grenade. They're also equipped with a semi-automatic rail gun that fires poison-coated quarts crystals and uses lightening grenades.

For melee weapons, they use a energy spear that can give enough volts to stun a large Whale. Their submarines are based one the design of deep sea predators and their space ships are based on the design of their submarines. When forced out of water, they wear a kind of exo-suit, like a deep sea diving suit but in reverse to combat enemies.

They also can uses a corroding weapon called the polish bear that sends out a mystical pulse that makes the enemy ship's electrical system corrode and slow the ship's engines, generators, weapons, A.I. and many other electrical systems slow down to the point that the ship is easy to board and interrogate the hostiles inside.

Siren Super computers Edit

The average siren only uses forty-eight percent of their brain, sixty-percent in the case of autistic females, and fifty-eight percent for autistic males. Because of this they had to develop tools to help them think, calculate, problem solve, etc. But in their current technology they have no A.I's like the UNSC. Instead most rely on computers they had for the last 21 years.

These computers are used for communication, calculating, talking, understand the orders you give them precisely, can be used for videos, video games, programing and reprograming things, making artwork that looks real, making slide shows, watching tv, measuring, radar, being used to control remote controlled vehicles at great distances, scan a building for damage, be used for security, can be asked questions and give a answer, is capable of understanding complex emotions, can record sound and play it back anyway you tell it to and can store as much data as 78420030579 pounds of books, etc. These computers are worth one hundred credits. These computers weigh on average two hundred and forty-five pounds.

The latest models can be larger, heavier and more expensive. These computers were used at Fort Yoth-Alpha and at other locations for their transmission capabilities.

List of Armed Conflict Edit

  • Kig-yar Raptor Yoth Battle
  • Planet Hurricane
  • Xeno-morsacure

  • Grabber Gaeto Chat Assult
  • Battle For Planet Ghost Town
  • Rise of the Dre'an
  • Aquamarine World War Five
  • Ptranosaurian Conquest

Nothing more happened yet.

Notable Sirens Edit

  • Prince Sapphire
  • Commadore Hurricane
  • Swims like shark

Gallery Edit


The Sapphire Clan's territory on Aquamarine. Blue means Sapphire territory. Dark blue means deep water while light blue means shallow water.


average light gear

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