The Smart Bomb seen here.

A Smart Bomb is a heavy conventional explosive used by the Star Fox team and specifically Fox McCloud. The bomb is powerful for it's size and can catch opponents off guard, as the explosion radius is moderate, but highly damaging.

Notable UsesEdit

  • Seen use in the Venomian Lylat Wars, where Fox used it multiple times.
  • Seen during the Titania Incident, when Fox used it to kill a half revived Andross in a Landmaster.
  • Used during the Saurian Crisis, when Andross was killed for the third time.
  • Seen use in the Aparoid Invasion, notably when Fox used it to destroy Venomian remnant battleships over Fortuna and especially when he destroyed an infected Aparoid reactor core on Fichina.
  • Seen use in the Galactic Chat War, notably during the second skirmish between Heretic Dinofox and General B.H, when Fox used a smart bomb to kill the Sangheili Ultra, Bepoy; making the conditions worse between the two factions. It was also used to destroy the Chat Star.

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