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Commodore Smite

"He was so dedicated to that wall, he and his men did not even fall back when it was time. He died with sword in hand."
- Lord of the Stars on Commodore Smite, during the Siege on the Yoth Fort

Smite was a Kig-Yar Commodore in the Guardians of Eden. He was in charge of a company of bucaneers 75 men strong, which was completely wiped out during the Resistance's return to Yoth, including him.

History Edit

Smite was born on Eayn, and was taken into the Galaxy by a slip space rift, along with Lord of the Stars's Fleet. He was noticed by Stars in a battle against the Chat, and promoted to Commodore. Around the time of the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, he was ordered by Stars on New Eden to take a company of 75 Buccaneers and set up a Fort on Yoth, which had been previously lost twice by Madam Celestial Saber.

He arrived and began constructing the fort, but ran out of supplies before he was done. In an effort to make a place to store vehicles other than in the middle of the courtyard, he ordered an expansion of the fort to be made out of spare firewood. It became known as the Northeast Wall.

Later, Saber, Stars and Yozoz traveled to Yoth in search of Slip Space Crystals to send Yozoz back home to Balaho. However, they discovered that the crystals had unintentionally been destroyed by Drullkus Industries Interuniversal, and decided to supply Smite's fort, hoping to eventually use it as a base to retake all of Yoth.

Upon arrival, Smite got into lots of quarrals with Commodore Crystal over who was to be in charge of the troops in combat if they could not communicate with their monarchs for any reason. Crystal also wanted the new cannons to be placed to defend strategically important places of the fort, while Smite wanted to defend weaker ones like the Northeast Wall. Crystal got her way in the end, making Smite furious.

When an army of 8,000 raiding Raptor Pirates lead by Captain Pang suddenly attacked the fort, Smite and his 75 Buccaneers defended the weak Northeast Wall. During the first attack, he took heavy casualties and only seven of defenders, including the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution's Spec-Ops Unggoy Glofnog and himself able to continue fighting, while other walls took minimal casualties. After the Raptor's retreated, he told Crystal he needed more support, but she gave him only a few of her Royal Commandos. He hated her after that, and blamed her for the loss of virtually his entire company. However, he was killed during the Raptor's second attack along with the other defenders of the Northeast Wall. He fought to the death, without even thinking of retreat.


Commodore Smite was physically strong, cared very deeply or his men, and he was also very stubborn. This was shown when he continously argued with Commodore Crystal about the defensive strategy to imploy during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha, but it was also his stubborness that had him refuse to retreat and keep fighting until his entire unit was overwhelmed and killed.

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