Sora and shiro

They might be troublesome, but Sora and Shiro are quite unique.

This pair of troublesome siblings has been rumor and hearsay for some time no matter where you looked.


They are a pair of siblings who excel at everything, except fitting in. Commander Heathcliff and Hatsuse Ino have helped and protected these two siblings for many years. Sora angers Hatsuse, but does in the end respect the man greatly for his conviction. They were on their own for two years after leaving Gaeto and Hatsuse Ino, managing to get their own ship, and became delegates during the Delegation on Gaeto


While the pair have no power constituting supernatural or mystical, they are very close to seeming like it. Sora can read through what people are thinking and feeling with extreme ease and can confuse and make people part with their valuables without so much as raising up a fist. Shiro on the other hand has as much computing power as AI's do in her head, due to an almost supernatural intelligence.


Sora is extremely condescending and rude almost all the time, but can be polite to those he cares about, or realises that being rude will only worsen the situation. Sora can be so confident he can make wagers based only on what the person was talking about moments before, and win splendidly, this was how he managed to get a ship in the first place. Shiro, on the other hand, cannot communicate well with people and usually leaves that to her brother. 

The two have a bond that makes it very difficult for them to be apart but sill maintain functionality. Many find this trait concerning and interesting, but as long as the two are together, they are perfectly fine, for being insane psychopaths.

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