"This guy is a maniac, a psychopath. He was bad enough when he was a Spartan, but the Chat was somehow able to make him worse." 

- Resistance description of Spartan A-118

Background Edit

Before being sucked into this dimension due to the slipspace rifts, legends told of a Spartan who feared no one and was vicious enough to not even need his own team. However, when the Spartan was sucked in this galaxy, the Chat Empire were able to get a hold of him first, though they lost about one hundred soldiers trying to capture him. At first, he did not want to work with them, preferring to do his own thing his own way. Seeing how much of a problem he would prove if let loose on the galaxy, the Chat operated on him, turning him into their own killing machine who they could control. Once this was done, he was given the job of killing the Chat’s biggest enemies, though he would finally come to light when a civil war erupted through out the galaxy, and the Chat Empire was forced to deal with multiple threats who were well armed. 

Combat RecordEdit

Spartan rift

Spartan being sucked into this dimension.

Spartan has spent most of his time doing missions all through out the galaxy, from assassinations to kidnappings, on both the New Galactic Republic and the Mandalorians. He is extremely deadly with a wide rate of weapons, and was reported to have knock out a tank with a single punch. From those who survived his attacks say that he lacks the aptitude to think on his feet, preferring to get things done quickly. The GEN 3 armor he wears enhances his combat abilities all by sixty percent, allowing him to preform feats such as running up to fifty-five miles a hour and lifting over six tons. However, since he is only a Moderator, because he is just a killer, he still has to take orders from Administrators

Death Edit

After a prolonged engagement in a ruined city on the Dark Oculus, Spartan A-118 was murdered by a combined team of Trol' LolameeMeganEdward, and Talot. It was a brutal fight, with being more then capable of holding his own against multiple attackers. However, he was unable to deal with being outnumbered, finally being killed; though he did a number on his foes, notably Edward.

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