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This spear gun has found its way into the hands of the Kig-yar pirates commanded by Lord of the STARS.

Spear gun
Spear Gun
Production information


New Eden Manufacturers


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Technical specifications

Damage Per Hit


Maximum Ammunition

3 spears

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

1 spear per minute





  • New Eden Formation
  • Chat War


Guardians of Eden

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They are favored because despite them having less range then a normal firearm, they are usually a one hit kill. They can fire a very large verity of ammo for these spear guns, traditionally used to hunt they now come with poisoned tips, electrocuting tips, armor piercing tips, exploding tips, and regular spears. They fire a very long and sharp projectile by using a canister of highly compressed Carbin Dioxide; though this canister can also be hand recharged with normal air pumps. It fires the spear cleanly and precisely, making it perfect for long range engagements. A spear can be fired even more powerfully then a cross bow with a 400 pound draw; making it powerful enough to go through a bullet proof chest plate. The gun's barrel is its own sound suppressor, allowing the shot to be 46% silenced with zero loss of accuracy. The archer that invented this weapon can snipe a tin can from 50 yards away with one.


  • High damage to flesh
  • Various effects can be applied to projectile
  • High penetration to flesh
  • Moderately accurate
  • Silent
  • Spears can be retrieved to utilize again


  • Very long reloading process
  • Heavy
  • Short ranged
  • Very low muzzle velocity
  • Ineffective against energy shielding
  • Clumsy in close quarters
  • No sights or attachments
  • Difficult to store


Spear gun spears

A example of the pricing spear ammo.

The people of the planet Aquamarine also use spearguns, although their spearguns use pressurized O2 instead of CO2.

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