A close up of a lone SB-170.

The SB-170 is a long range stealth bomber that is designed to penetrate enemy airspace and deliver its payload.


While it only has a top speed of mach 1.3, it is armed with two Mark III Magma Plasma turrets, that fire around 350 rounds a minute, on each of its wings. It also packs a duel needle auto turret on i's rear and two plasma torpedo tubes on its wings. Each SB-170 has a crew of three, a pilot that also controls the main weapons, a rear gunner, and a bombardier. The SB-170 has a good mix of shielding and stealth capabilities, and can even defend its self if fighters come after it. However, the SB-170 is not a very maneuverable space craft, and they are also very expensive. When the Chat Empire or New Galactic Republic usually send these into battle, they are usually escorted by experienced fighter pilots. 

Sb-170 eafth

SB-170s during the Battle of Eafth.

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