Stonewall is a migrant hunter on the planet of Yoth in 2558 before he met the Guardians of Eden.


Stonewall in the snow leaving Alpha Base

History Edit

For a while he served with the Chat Empire until the Chat Schism. He then served with the New Galactic Republic until a botched assassination attempt on General SheerAvenger777 and was forced into the wilderness of Yoth where after a year he would meet a portion of THDF.

When he met the Guardians of Eden they were defending Fort Yoth-Alpha from Raptor Pirates during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha. He was with a large group of hunters but just like two earlier groups he was the last man standing.

Defense of Back with a Vengeance Edit

During the defense of the Back with a Vengeance, Stonewall was tasked with securing the armory along with Uvok, Aylin Bray, and Savior Team. After the armory was won over, he delivered Alisha to the armor penetration deck and ensured her safe arrival at New Eden.

Personality Edit

In general he has a problem with authority but when people are giving him food and a warm place to stay he is fine with following a few orders. He dreams of one day having his own ship to fly around the stars after the war is over. He is an avid reader of the The Daily Fox.

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