Location of implant in a human ear

Human example

Location of implant in a Kig-yar ear

Kig-yar example

The S.C.C.E.





Is a implant type device given to solders who are part of the crew of admiral Swims Like Shark, and is put in in the form of a piercing. It is made mostly of of lighter then bone material with the exception of nano wiring made of gold copper and silver as well as tempered crystal for parts required to be glass. It is powered by both solar power as well as the pressure of a users heartbeat when blood rushes into the head.

In humans it increases their hearing by increasing the amount of sound that can be picked up by the sound hitting the ear or can suppress sound to protect their hearing by decreasing it due to channeling of vibration. It also broadcasts a signal to a users HUD to show what they are hearing where they can see it, as effective as a short ranged sonar. Do note that the most this can increase a users hearing is 26.80%, and the most it can decrease a users hearing is 12.77%

In Kig-yar it works exactly the same way, although with the level of hearing Kig-yar already have along with the addition of 26.80% the Kig-yar who use them while in water practically have sonar with it of their own, to a degree where they can get a precise sensing of where a sound is coming from, effectiveness depending on their mental reaction speed. With their HUD they can actually see what they hear as well.

With all other users it depends on what kind of ear they have VS how it can be crafted to fit them.

Note the better your hearing already is the longer the range at which your hearing will show objects on your HUD. As well at around 45 yards human hearing increased and practiced may be able to hear the heartbeat of whatever is near by.

Manufacturer: The Allies of Aquamarine.

Users: Swims like shark's crew.

Market price:

Supply: More then not rare.